Unicorn Mini Canvas

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This Unicorn Mini Canvas is the perfect unicorn craft for kids.  It’s a fun and simple diy they can have fun creating and showcase in their room. 

Unicorn Mini Canvas on Mint Colored Easel

Unicorn Mini Canvas

My daughter loves anything that glitters, shines and is full of color.  She’s at the age where she loves all things princesses, unicorns and fairies, but don’t let her fool you…she plays in the mud and can wrestle with her Daddy and her brothers just fine.   It’s so fun to see her come to love the same things I loved as a little girl.  This little unicorn mini canvas was made in preparation for her new “big girl” room we will be putting together in the coming months and to go along with our unicorn bookend.  We found this cute unicorn canvas here and used it as our inspiration.  It’s simple and sweet, just like my Addy.  


Mini Unicorn Canvas

This unicorn canvas is a perfect little diy unicorn craft any fantasy loving child will have fun putting together. We made these unicorn on mini canvases but you could even create this on a larger canvas with larger flowers. The instructions would still be the same. 

Unicorn canvas supplies

Mini Unicorn Canvas Supplies:

  • Mini canvas –  I found these in my local Walmart craft section
  • Easel
  • Gold glitter foam
  • White felt
  • Paper flowers – I found mine at Michaels but any small flowers will do. 
  • Pink acrylic paint, I prefer FolkArt paint
  • Pencil
  • Black permanent marker
  • Hot glue
  • Foam brush

You really only need a few simple supplies to make this mini unicorn canvas.  You can find most all your supplies in your local craft store or  possibly even your local Walmart. 

Unicorn Canvas Step by Step Process ShotsHow to make Unicorn Canvas:

  • Paint easel using coordinating acrylic paint. We chose a pretty mint color to match her room.
  • While the easel is drying, use a pencil to draw a large triangle for the unicorn horn
    (approximately 3 inches) and two pieces for the ears.
  • Hot glue ear pieces to felt.  Use  your scissors to cut around the
    gold pieces, leaving a slight border.
  • Find the center of the mini canvas and hot glue the horn, ears, and flowers.
  • Use a pencil to trace the eyelids then go over with a permanent marker.
  • Dip a small stencil brush in pink paint, dab off extra paint, and gently press on the canvas to
    create rosey cheeks.

Unicorn Canvas Golden Unicorn

Aren’t the rosey cheeks just the cutest 🙂   This mini unicorn canvas would make a great party craft for girls to do together.  You could also give them as little gifts for classmates.  Each unicorn can be made to fit each child’s favorite color flowers and room colors by what they paint their easel. 

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  1. A dinosaur would be cute. 3 horns instead of one? Instead of a white canvas maybe green, blue, or orange?? (Skip the rosy cheeks????)

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