Pipe Cleaner Spiders

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These easy pipe cleaner spiders will be a hit this spooky season as you do simple Halloween crafts with your kids.

Easy Pipe Cleaner Spiders

Get into the spooky spirit by making your own little pipe cleaner spiders. This craft is super simple for tiny fingers, and the finished product makes an adorable display for the spooky season and Halloween. Whether you homeschool, nanny, teach in a classroom, or just want a fun activity for your kids this fall, this is the perfect craft for you. So grab your supplies and see how easy this activity is to complete.

Supplies Needed for Pipe Cleaner Spiders

It’s so easy to make this craft complete with spider legs and googly eyes! You only need a few simple craft supplies and some recycling pieces to make your own pipe cleaner spiders. Find all of these cheap craft supplies at your craft store or the Dollar Tree.

  • cardboard (use a cereal box or another thin box)
  • purple and black paint
  • black and purple pipe cleaners
  • googly eyes in medium and small sizes (they also sell adhesive googly eyes if you don’t want to use glue)

I chose black and purple because they are classic Halloween colors, but you can make your spiders all sorts of different colors. Add in some orange and white ones and even some red and blue ones! Young kids will enjoy making a rainbow of colorful spiders.

pipe cleaners, googly eyes and cardboard on kitchen counter


How Do You Make Spiders out of Pipe Cleaners for Kids

Either pre-cut and paint your materials and let the kids put everything together, or let them help you with every step of the process. For the spider’s body, you will need a thin piece of cardboard. Some of the easiest pieces you will find are cereal boxes, and food storage boxes.

Easy Pipe Cleaner Spiders

Pipe Cleaner Spiders

Author Katie
Make these easy DIY Pipe Cleaner Spiders using minimal craft supplies


  • cardboard (use a cereal box or another thin box)
  • purple and black paint
  • black and purple pipe cleaners
  • googly eyes in medium and small sizes (they also sell adhesive googly eyes if you don't want to use glue)


  • Cut out a 3 inch diameter circle from your cardboard. Paint it black or purple.
  • Cut out 1 ½ inch legs using your long pipe cleaners. 8 legs for each spider. If you make a black spider, use black pipe cleaners. If you make a purple one, use purple pipe cleaners.
  • Add the googly eyes and legs using glue. I recommend using liquid glue or a hot glue gun to make them stick better.


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To make the spider look super cute, add one larger googly eye and one smaller one! These little guys look so cute with different size eyes. I kept the legs of my spider straight but you can also curve or bend them to make them look like they are crawling. These creepy crawlies are so fun to get creative with.

Punch a hole in the top and hang them from a string or attach them to your fridge with a strong magnet! The spooky spider will look so great decorating your home during the month of October.

painted cardboard in purple and black

Can I Use Paper Plates to Make the Body of My Spider?

If you can’t find large enough pieces of cardboard, feel free to use dessert or regular-sized plates, depending on the size of spiders you want. Simply paint them black or purple and let them dry before gluing on your pipe cleaners. This also saves you the step of cutting out circles if you don’t want to do that step. You can find a simple spider paper plate that we worked on here!

Easy Pipe Cleaner Spiders on counter with faux leaves

Want some more fun spider activities to do with your kids? Try these delicious Oreo Spiders. They are a hit at parties or just for fun. They will also love these Spider Web Pretzels. Both are an easy spider craft to make with kids that you can also eat! If you’re looking for another paper craft, try these Paper Plate Halloween Crafts! These simple Halloween crafts are sure to put a smile on your kids’ faces and keep them busy this fall.

I hope you enjoy this DIY spider and the other easy crafts mentioned on this page. Kids of all ages will enjoy making these easy pipe cleaner spiders with long legs this time of year.

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