Sponge Painted Polar Bear Craft for Kids

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This Sponge Painted Polar Bear Craft is a fun winter activity centered around painting with a clean household sponge. Add touches of white painted snow for a fun arctic scene your child will love to make. 

Need and an easy winter craft idea? This adorable polar bear is a fun activity for kids of all ages. You can paint with many different household items but today’s polar bear art is centered around a clean household sponge.

 Using a sponge is a fun way to introduce a new art medium to your kids. Painting with a sponge is perfect for practicing fine motor skills for young kids but is still fun to use for older kids! It’s a creative twist from painting with the typical go to paint brush. Kids love experimenting with different ways to create and this is a great way to be creative with something new!

Materials Needed to Make this Easy Polar Bear Craft:

  • Black Cardstock , 8.5 x 11
  • White Acrylic Paint
  • Clean or Unused Household Sponge – cut into a long strip
  • Cardstock paper, pink
  • Black Marker – we use Sharpie
  • Q-tips


How to Make Polar Bear Craft

1. Start off by lightly drawing a polar bear head and ears with a pencil onto your black paper. 

2. Dip your sponge into white paint. Dab sponge in your hand drawn polar bear template. Let Dry. 

3. Using your black sharpie, color black in your polar bear’s inner ear. 

4. Draw a small circle on your polar bear’s face and color in a bear’s nose inside with a smile. 
5. Add details to your bears belly. 
6. Add googly eyes and pink cheeks, cut from your card stock, to your polar bear’s head. 

7. For a wintery finishing touch, dip your Q-tips into white paint and dab around your finished polar bear to make circle shape snowballs. 

Creative Variations:

– If desired, you can use black paint and a small paint brush to add all the black details to your polar bear. This would be a better option for older children who are looking for this project to be a little more advanced. 
– Use pink pom poms and a black pom pom for the face features. 
– Use foam snowflake stickers instead of adding the white painted snowballs for a less mess option!
– Add pom poms and pipe cleaners to make cute ear muffs on your polar bear. 
– If you don’t have a sponge you CAN paint with a cotton ball instead. A sponge lasts longer and holds more paint but a cotton ball does work!

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