Winter Snowman Name Craft for Kids

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This Snowman Name Craft is such a fun and cute snowman craft! Kids of all ages will love to build their own paper snowman complete with their personalized name!

This cold time of year we are always looking for easy winter crafts – especially easy snowman crafts!  We have had fun making our paper melted snowman, popsicle stick snowmen and our puffy paint snowman – now we added this easy name snowman craft to our winter activities. This is such a fun project that is perfect for older kids and little hands alike. 


Supplies Needed for Name Snowmen

  • cardstock, shades of blue (8.5×11 inch – we cut ours in half vertically)
  • cardstock, white, orange and black
  • small googly eyes
  • black sharpie
  • Pipe cleaner
  • Pom Poms
  • White paint
  • Qtips
  • Circle punch (we used a 2 inch)
  • glue stick

How to Make Your Own Snowman Names:

1. Begin by cutting out your snowman’s head and body pieces by using a circle punch. We made our circles 2 inches in size but you could go smaller or slightly bigger if needed. You may just need to adjust your background paper size. 

2. Cut your blue paper in half vertically. If you have a longer name you will need to glue an additional piece of paper to the bottom of your vertical piece.  We found a 4 letter name with a snowman head fit perfectly on a 8×11 inch piece of paper. 

3. Have your child write their name out on the multiple white circles. Make sure you leave extra circles white to make the snowman’s face. 

4. Glue your circles to the blue paper to spell out your child’s name. 

5. Using a black sharpie and orange cardstock, make your snowman’s face. 
6. Using additional black paper make a hat shape and apply to your snowman if desired. You can also choose to make an earmuff version which uses pom poms and a cut pipe cleaner. 

7. Dip your q-tips into your white paint. Dab q-tips onto white paper around your finished snowman.  Allow to dry. 

Can I use white construction paper instead of cardstock?

While I typically prefer to use a heavier paper such as cardstock, white construction paper would work fine for this project. The white circles being glued to another piece of paper helps with the stability of this project. 

Is this a good name writing activity?

This fun snowman craft is great for preschool age and Kindergarten students to practice name recognition by using their own names to build their snowmen. They can also practice writing individual letters while working on letter identification and then putting the lettered circles in the correct order to form their snowman’s body. Name crafts are perfect for this age group and this is a fun interactive learning craft for the winter season.  While this craft is ideal for Kindergarten classrooms to First grade, this winter activity really is a great way for all elementary aged kids to have some frosty fun!

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