Race Car Valentine Printable

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Race Car Valentine Printable: I am “Wheelie” Glad We Are Friends! Print this non-candy valentine printable for all the race car loving kids. 

finished race car valentine gift

Race Car Valentine Printable

Since becoming a Mom of two boys and only now having a daughter, I have noticed how much EASIER it is to find just about anything that we would call “girly.” There is certainly no shortage of glitter, dolls, bows and more in just about everything, even something as simple as Valentine’s.  I decided to make these fun and yes, cheesy, race car valentines that are just perfect for the little boys in your life.  Obviously, girls can love race cars just as much as boys can so if you have a little girl that would rather monster trucks and race cars than Barbies and bows maybe she will love this Valentine too. 

Valentine’s Day Race Car Video

race care valentine's day gift in small mail box

Race Car Printable Gift

  1. Cut out Race Car Printable Gift Tags.
  2. Secure car to printable with a small piece of tape. If you are afraid of the car falling off you can also hole punch two holes in your paper and tie the car to the gift tag with string.
  3. Sign your name 🙂
add race car to printable

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Valentine's Day Printable Race Car

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