Superhero Valentines

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Superhero Valentines: a free valentine printable that is a fun and yummy way to celebrate Valentines Day. Great for any little super heros!

Superhero Valentines

Almost every little kid dresses up or pretends to be a superhero at some point in their pretend play.  It’s a role that is centered around a special power, colorful costumes, and strength abilities.  It’s a character everyone wants to be.  These valentines are a fun way to spruce up a lollipop that is fun for any little superhero. 

Supplies Needed

You only need a few very simple supplies and these valentines will be ready in no time!  These superhero pops are great for classroom parties where candy is allowed or just to pass out to friends. They are kid friendly so hand your older kids a pair of age appropriate scissors and let them help put together their valentines. 

  • Lollipops, we used Tootsie Pops 
  • Free SUPER HERO Printable – CLICK HERE
  • Hole Punch
  • Scissors

How to make a Superhero Lollipop Valentine

  1. Print your FREE SUPERHERO VALENTINES and cut around capes and circles.
  2. Using a single hole punch, punch out holes at the top of your capes and in the designated areas on the circle badges. 
  3. Add your cape printable to your lollipop stick. Lastly, add your circle badge. 

How many Superhero Capes are there?

There are six different designs on the printable so you are able to make a decent amount of Valentines with one sheet of paper.  There are three female superheros and three male superheros. 

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