Easter Bunny Cheeseball

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Easter Bunny Key Lime Cheeseball: a delicious treat that is great for an Easter Brunch with the kids!Easter Bunny Cheeseball-23

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Ever since my oldest son Jacob was born five years ago and just two weeks before Easter, my Mom has put together a fun little Easter Egg hunt party for the kids and even some of us adults in the family. You can never be old to color eggs right? 🙂  The day is usually filled with lunch, decorating eggs and sometimes cookies and always ends with a big Easter egg hunt.  What’s a party without some munchies?!  Tastefully Simple has a great spread of entertaining Easter Party recipes that you have to check out!  My personal favorite is the Robin’s Nest Cake.    I was so excited when Tastefully Simple sent me their Key Lime Cheeseball packet.  Key Lime is one of my favorite flavors and tastes divine in cheeseball form!

Easter Bunny Cheeseball-27

 I decided to make this delicious key lime cheeseball into an Easter Bunny that would be perfect for our Easter egg hunt party!  The kids think he is so much fun and once you add bunny ears to anything it’s instant cuteness right?!  My kids personally liked to eat it with honey graham crackers but some other fun ideas would be: pretzels, chocolate graham crackers, pound cake or even strawberries! 

Easter Bunny Cheeseball-26


Tastefully Simple Key Lime Cheeseball Mix 

(1) 8 ounce packet cream cheese

Scrapbooking Paper

Sparkle Gel, or icing use to decorate

Candy Eyes

Shredded Coconut Flakes, optional


Mix a packet of cream cheese with the packet of the key lime powder. Form the mixture into a ball shape and refrigerate for a few hours until firm.   Cut out two bunny ears from the scrapbooking paper and lightly push into the top section of the cheeseball.  Use some Sparkle gel or decorating icing to “draw” on a face.  Top with shredded coconut flakes for a little bit of texture, this step is totally optional if you don’t like coconut. Easy Peasy and completely adorable!

Easter Bunny Cheeseball-13

This little bunny will add such a fun pop of personality on your Easter table. 

Easter Bunny Cheeseball-18 Bunny Key Lime Cheeseball

This post is brought to you by Tastefully Simple. 

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