Homemade Puffy Paint Snowman Craft

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This puffy paint snowman is a wonderful activity for kids of all ages! Make a quick batch of homemade puffy paint and add a few embellishments to make an adorable puffy snowman!

This puffy paint activity is such a fun and easy winter craft that the kids will just love! After a day of playing in the snow and building a snowman your kids can bring the fun indoors and create another snowman friend.  If you live in an area that doesn’t get snow then this is the perfect way to add a little bit of snowy fun to your home!

This puffy paint snowman starts with a simple batch of our homemade puffy paint that uses only two simple ingredients that you might already have in your household- shaving cream and white glue! Once you whip up your batch of puffy paint you just need a few more craft supplies to get started! This type of paint is such a fun activity! After the paint dries kids can carefully touch the puffy paint to feel how it’s puffy and soft. Due to the nature of the paint and shaving cream this art project only lasts on the counter for a few days.


Snowman Supplies Needed:

  • Puffy Paint
  • Shaving Cream – it really doesn’t matter what Brand of shaving cream you use but you do want it to be the foaming white shaving cream and not the gel. 
  • White School Glue – we prefer to use white glue but clear glue works just as well!
  • Glitter, optional
  • Craft foam, we use this to make the different snowman parts 
  • Small Black Buttons
  • Pipe Cleaner
  • Pom Poms, to match pipe cleaner 
  • Medium/ Large Googly Eyes
  • Blue Cardstock

Here is how to make your own puffy snow paint recipe!

 Add your shaving cream and white paint to a medium size bowl. I don’t typically measure when doing this. You just want to do your best to mix equal parts glue with your shaving cream. If you have a little more or less it will still work just fine! I typically start with 1/2 cup of each product and that makes a good amount for 1-2 kids!  If you are wanting to make a few different colors you can double or triple the batch! Separate the finished puffy paint in separate bowls and add a touch of food coloring and mix.  Add an inexpensive paint brush and now you can just let your kids create away! This is a great way to let kids practice fine motor skills and creativity!

How to make Puffy Paint Snowman Craft

1. Make your batch of Puffy Paint. If desired you can add a tablespoon on glitter.

2. Draw a basic snowman shape on a dark blue piece of card stock, or whatever color paper you desire.  This will act as a simple snowman template. 

3. Paint/Dab puffy paint into the snowman template. 

4. While the puffy paint is still wet add your snowman details by cutting out various snowman parts from your craft foam. 

5. Add arms, top hat, an orange carrot nose, black buttons and some cute earmuffs made from your pipe cleaner and pom poms. 

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