Three Little Pigs Craft

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This Three Little Pigs Craft is an adorable way to bring the classic fairytale story to life! Potato stamping is a fun start to this little pigs activity!

potato stamped pig art with paper plate and potato nearby

Bring the classic well loved story to life with this fun Potato Stamped activity that kids will just LOVE to make. While this craft doesn’t involve building a brick house, or even a house of straw or sticks, there is still piggy charm and mix of hands-on activities in one simple craft! No big bad wolf is found here!

We started off this craft with a base of potato stamped circles which is my kids favorite part! It’s always super-fun to see what silly pig bodies different potatoes will make. Some will be small, some will be large, and some will be perfectly imperfect!

This Three Little Pigs Craft is an adorable way to bring the classic fairytale story to life! Potato stamping is a fun start to this little pigs activity!

Supplies Needed:

  • Potatoes, cut in half (adults only please)
  • Paint, light pink
  • Card stock, hot pink paper
  • Pipe Cleaners, light pink
  • Googly eyes, you can also choose to hand drawn instead
  • Black markers or Sharpie
  • Cardstock, green and brown
  • Cardstock, 12 x 12
supplies on craft counter

Homeschool and Classroom Tips and Use:

  • This craft provides plenty of ways for your children to develop their fine motor skills through stamping, cutting, glueing and assembling all the different elements. 
  • If you are looking to prep your potatoes ahead of time you can place the cut potatoes in a bowl of water and keep in a refrigerator until you are ready for your art lesson.  Be sure to dry your potatoes with a paper towel before using. 
  • Feel free to prepare rectangles of long strips of brown paper that your students can rip to size and glue in place. This will help ensure they aren’t using too big of a piece but still allows them to complete this fun step on their own. 
  • Use this activity as a great resource to introduce role-playing or retelling skills  (retelling the main story events to each other) in your day. This is a great way to improve communication skills and build imagination in the classroom.

Whether you are reading some three little pigs books, going through a Farm unit or just love pigs this activity is sure to be a “oink”tastic hit!

How To Make Three Little Pigs Craft

Step 1: Preparing the piggy bodies

Cut your potatoes in half, only adults should do this part. Dip your cut end into some pink paint. “Stamp” your potato onto your paper to make three pig bodies.

potato stamped on paper plate
pink stamped circles from potato

Step 2: Adding the Piggy Details

Rip a piece of green and brown paper and glue under the pink bodies. Once your painted pig bodies have dried you can start to add their face details. Cut out two ears per pig along with their feet and their nose. Glue in place. Add googly eyes.

pink paper atttached to craft

Step 3: Finishing Touches

Wrap your pipe cleaner around a pencil and remove. This will add a curly shape to the pipe cleaner. Cut into small tail pieces and glue to your pig. -I prefer to use hot glue for this part as the pipe cleaners are heavier. Adults only again please.

What finishing touches can I add?
Feel free to add some extra flair to your masterpiece! You can draw faces on your pigs, attach googly eyes for a playful touch, or use markers and crayons to embellish the landscape. The sky’s the limit—let your imagination soar!

What potatoes should I use?
We find that red potatoes are the perfect size for stamping activities but any variety of potato will work just fine!

What glue should I use?
Regular Elmers liquid glue or glue stick works perfect for this project. Just make sure the pink paint has fully dried.  For the pipe cleaner, we prefer to use hot glue as it glues much faster but liquid glue will work fine – you just need to give it time to fully dry.  

What can children learn from three little pigs?
The “Three Little Pigs” is a super fun story with lots of cool things to learn! It can teach us to work heard and never give up, think ahead and plan, use your brain to solve problems and how to help each other out!

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