Paper Plate Halloween Crafts

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Get spooky with these Paper Plate Halloween Crafts! Kids will love painting, cutting, gluing, and assembling their cute creatures. Perfect for Halloween parties, school activities, and more!

Easy Peasy Halloween Paper Plate Ideas

I absolutely adore paper plate crafts. They are so easy, inexpensive, and fun for kids. I typically have everything I need to make a new paper plate creation in my craft room, so they’re also great for last-minute crafting.

With that being said, I knew I had to make some Paper Plate Halloween Crafts to celebrate this season! We’re not huge on scary Halloween activities in my family, but cute spooky crafts are definitely welcome. They let the little ones celebrate while keeping things age-appropriate. 

Each of these paper plate crafts are so easy to recreate at home, school, or at a Halloween party. You could set out a crafting table and let each kid choose which paper plate creation they want to make — or make them all! Read on to see exactly how I made these adorable Halloween Paper Plate Crafts.

What can you make with paper plates for Halloween?

For this craft, I decided to create a Black Cat, Spider, and Frankenstein. They all turned out amazing! Although I stuck to these three creatures, the possibilities are endless. You could also create a paper plate witch, paper plate vampire, or a cute paper plate ghost! As long as you have the supplies below, you can mix it up as much as you’d like.

Supplies you’ll need

You only need a few simple supplies to make each of these Halloween paper plates. These supplies are easy to find and affordable. You might already have most of these at home!

Here is what you will need:

  • Paper Plates — dessert size
  • Large Googly Eyes
  • Sharpie Marker
  • Pipe Cleaners — purple and white
  • Paint — black, green and purple
  • Cardstock — black, pink and grey

Paper Plate Black Cat

Meow! Follow these steps to make a spooky black cat out of a paper plate: 

  1. First, paint your paper plate black and let it dry completely. Feel free to apply two coats if needed to get a nice, opaque finish!
  2. Next, cut out the cat’s ears with your black and pink paper. You’ll need two pointy black triangles and two pink triangles that are slightly smaller for the inside of the cat’s ears.
  3. Then, cut out a cute pink nose. You can go with an oval shape like we did or use an upside-down triangle shape. 
  4. Now, it’s time to assemble your black Halloween kitty! Glue the pink triangles on top of the black triangles and attach the ears behind the top of the paper plate. Glue on a pair of googly eyes and your pink nose in the center of the plate. 
  5. Finally, bend a pipe cleaner to form a wide “W” shape and glue on as the mouth. Cut more pipe cleaners down to whisker size and glue them on, too. We used three pieces on each side of the cat’s mouth.
process to make black cat paper plate

Paper Plate Spider

Spiders can be cute, too! Craft a purple spider with these steps: 

  1. First, paint your plate purple and let it dry. You may need two coats, depending on how opaque your purple paint is.
  2. Once the paint is dry, bend eight pipe cleaners and attach them behind the paper plate to make the spider legs. You want four on each side with the legs facing downward. 
  3. Lastly, add on a pair of googly eyes and draw on a smile with a Sharpie marker!

Paper Plate Frankenstein

Last but not least, this adorable Frankenstein is so simple to make! Here is how you do it:

  1. First, cut the very top of the plate off so you have a straight edge. 
  2. Next, paint your plate green and let it dry completely. Use two coats of paint if necessary. 
  3. Then, cut out the hair and eyebrows with your black paper. For the hair, you want a piece that’s as long as the length of your paper plate. One side should be straight, with the other cut in a jagged shape.
  4. Next, cut two bolt shapes out of the gray paper. These should be about the same size.
  5. Finally, attach all of the paper pieces to the plate as seen in the picture. Add your googly eyes underneath and slightly on top of the eyebrows. Draw on a nose, stitches and a cute smile with a Sharpie marker!
steps to make frankenstein paper plate

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