Halloween Trick or Treat Gift Bags

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Halloween Trick or Treat Gift Bags: a fun and simple paint scrape craft that is perfect for little kids! They can have fun working with paint and seasonal paper silhouettes. 

Halloween Trick or Treat Gift Bags

I know some of your kids aren’t even in school yet, mine aren’t 🙂 but it’s never really too early to be thinking about the next holiday when you are a blogger or just a crafter in general!  We aren’t “big” into Halloween but we do have a great time going to my Moms house for a fun trick or treat night with candy, decorating cookies, and sometimes a hide and go seek in the dark game.  It’s something the kids always look forward to and it’s been a fun tradition over the years.  The kids love to give out little gifts to their friends during the holiday and these halloween trick or treat gift bags are fun and simple to do.  Your kids will love helping and personalizing their own bags whether they are keeping them or giving them away. 

Supplies needed for Halloween Trick or Treat Gift Bags:

  • Craft Paint, I personally love to use Martha Stewart Multi-Surface paint for this craft.
  • Brown Kraft Gift Bags
  • Black Silhouette Shapes, cut out
  • Glue

First, you will want to place a small piece of piece or card stock inside the gift bag to prevent any “bleeding” from the paint. Some gift bags are already pre-lined and the card stock may not be needed. 

Then you will take your desired colors and place a dollop of glue across the top of the bag.  A little bit of paint goes a long way.  There is actually more on this particular bag than your probably need.  You will then take either a jumbo popsicle stick, piece of cardboard, or piece of card stock that has been folding and carefully “pull” the paint down, keeping even pressure while you do it.   Watch the video above for a detailed tutorial. 

Mix and match your favorite colors to create different designs and affects.  Remember if you decide to run the card stock down again your colors will blend more. 

Lastly cut out some of your favorite black silhouette shapes and glue them to the front of your bags.  The best part about these bags is that you can make them all year long!  Use pretty blues, golds and silvers and a mitten for a pretty Christmas themed bag.  Use a colored bag and spread shades of pinks and purples for a butterfly gift bag.  Watch the live below for more fun ways to make this work all year round and ways you can customize your gift bags. 

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