Chocolate Covered Spoons

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Chocolate Covered Spoons (3 of 22)Christmas is my absolute favorite time of the year!  I love making little gifts for my friends and family and I love when I can do it without breaking the bank!  Do you have a hot chocolate lover in your family?  These chocolate covered spoons will be just perfect and the best part…they come together super quickly and are really inexpensive! 

Chocolate Covered Spoons (22 of 22)



Melting Chocolate ( whatever color your prefer)


First you need to gather your plastic spoons or if you want a more vintage look you could try to find some old silverware at your local goodwill stores.  Melt your chocolate wafers according to the package.  Dip your spoon in the chocolate and tap lightly to remove any excess.  While your chocolate is still, hot sprinkle your sprinkles on top.  Place your spoons on a piece of parchment paper and place in the refrigerator until the chocolate hardens.  This really should only take a few minutes.  

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Once your chocolate covered spoons are hardened, wrap them up in some pretty clear baking bags and finish it off with a pretty ribbon.  I love the green chocolate with the festive sprinkles but any other color would work as well!  You can even double dip!  Try dipping your spoon in chocolate, allow it to harden, and then dip it slightly in white chocolate for an even different look.  Instead of sprinkles you could drizzle more chocolate on top of the harden chocolate.  Be creative and have fun!  

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May you have a wonderful Christmas holiday and a Happy new year! 

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