Paper Plate Farm Animals

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These Paper Plate Farm Animals are a fun activity for toddlers, preschool age and grade school age kids! This paper plate craft uses, construction paper, paint and silly imaginations. 


Need to keep little ones busy for a little while? Gather some simple household supplies to make these fun and silly paper plate farm animals! These paper plate animals are the perfect craft for toddlers just beginning to work with glue, up to grade school kids that just like to create something fun.  You only need minimal craft supplies for this activity, most being something you probably already have on hand.

Paper Plate Craft Supplies:

  • Paper Plates- you can use dessert or regular size paper plates. Just the cheap flimsy paper plates work great!
  • Construction Paper- depending on what version you plan to make will depend on the colors you will need! 
  • Paint (PIG) – if you plan to make a paper plate pig we found the easier way to give him his pink body was to paint it. 
  • Glue Sticks – no need for hot glue in this project, a glue bottle or glue stick will do the trick!
  • Black Marker – you will want to use either a permanent marker to a black washable marker for little ones to draw on your cow spots and mouth. 
  • Googly eyes– we LOVE to add googly eyes to many of our kid projects! You can certainly draw you own if you don’t have any hand. 
  • Pink Pipe Cleaner – for piggy tail, if desired

How to make Paper Plate Animals:

There are only a few required steps to complete these farm animals which makes this a great beginner craft and something most kids will be able to hand all on their own.

  1. Depending on what version you are making prepare your base plate. For the cow: add black spots. For the Pig: paint plate pink. 
  2. Draw and cut out your face features. For the cow: cut out pink mouth area, ears out of white and paper paper, and a small flower if using. For the pig cut out a snout and two pink ears, and curl a pipe cleaner if making a pink tail. For the chicken: cut out wings, beak, fluff, and feet. 
  3.  Once your face features and details are ready assemble your animals as pictured above.

If you would rather watch a video on how to make these silly farm animals check out this video where we show you step by step how to make these fun characters!

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