Tiger Mask Craft For Kids

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Welcome to another crafty day at our DIY den! 🎨

Today’s whimsy? A roaringly adorable tiger mask that’s sure to spark some creativity in your cubs! Let’s dive into how you can make this stripy masterpiece, step by step.

Tiger Mask Craft

Get ready to channel your inner jungle beast because today, we’re getting our paws dirty with a super fun, super cute tiger mask craft that’s perfect for your next safari adventure—in the backyard or the living room!


Supplies needed to Make A Tiger Mask

How To Make A Tiger Mask

Step 1: Print Your Template

Life is better with a template, right?! Grab your tiger mask template here!

Step 2: Color Me Wild!

Grab those orange and black markers. It’s time to fill in the lines. Go bold with your orange, and make those black stripes as dramatic as a tiger’s roar! The key to a vibrant mask is not holding back. Let your little ones go wild with their colors—the more, the merrier!

Step 3: Make it a mask!

Carefully fold/bend your paper slightly across each eye hole and cut a small slit. Open back up and cut out each eye hole. Glue a colored jumbo popsicle stick to the back of your finished mask and it’s ready for play!

And there you have it! A tiger mask that’s easy, fun, and perfect for sparking some joy and imagination in your day. Share your creations with us and remember, in the craft jungle, the wilder, the better!

Crafty Tips:

  • Use Markers: crayons and colored pencils are great options for this mask activity but markers really make it pop with color!
  • Use Card stock: since your child will be running around printing this mask on cardstock gives it stronger stability.
  • Googly Eyes: if your child would rather use this like a puppet you can certainly just draw eyes in the eye circles or you can add some large googly eyes for silly play!

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