Toilet Paper Roll Giraffe

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This paper roll giraffe is a fun jungle themed craft using a recycled toilet paper roll, paper and a touch of paint!

toilet paper roll giraffe on counter with light green background

Giraffe Craft

Are you ready for a “wild adventure” in crafting? Get ready to grab your scissors, glue, and paint because today, we’re going to make something simple and fun—a toilet paper roll giraffe! We’re going to transform a simple toilet paper roll into a tall and majestic giraffe.

Toilet paper roll crafts have been around for quite sometime and for good reason- they are fun, easy to create and require minimal supplies you might already have at home! Crafting with kids doesn’t have to be costly or even time consuming – just grab a few basic supplies and let their creativity take over.

Materials Needed To Make A Toilet Paper Roll Giraffe

  • Toilet Paper Roll
  • Free Giraffe Template
  • Cardstock, yellow, light brown and black
  • Jumbo Popsicle Stick, yellow
  • Light Brown Craft Paint
  • Qtips
giraffe template, cardstock paper, paint and googly eyes on craft counter

How To Make a Paper Roll Giraffe

Step 1: Preparing your Toilet Paper Roll

Use our free giraffe template to cut out all your needed pieces. Wrap your Toilet Paper Roll in the large yellow rectangle. You can either use hot glue (adults only) to attach paper or a few piece of scotch tape.

toilet paper roll wrapped in yellow paper

Step 2: Creating the LONG Necked Giraffe

Cut out your giraffe head pieces and assemble as shown in picture. Add face details with a Sharpie marker. Glue finished giraffe head to the top of your yellow popsicle stick.

Tape your jumbo popsicle stick inside your toilet paper roll. Make sure you have most of your neck exposed to give him his long neck look.

Step 3: Add dots and spots

Add your giraffe spots by adding dots of brown paint around your giraffe neck and body with a qtip.

qtip painted dots on toilet paper roll giraffe with extra paint nearby

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