Paper Bag Turkey Craft

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Paper Bag Turkey Craft is a fun Thanksgiving craft the kids will love to do! Bright colored feathers, paper handprints and silly googly eyes make for a fun project!

Paper Bag Turkey Craft is a fun Thanksgiving craft the kids will love to do! Bright colored feathers, paper handprints and silly googly eyes make for a fun project!

Fun to Make Paper Bag Turkey Craft

A Brown Paper Bag Turkey Craft isn’t exactly a brand new idea. These festive birds have been a part of Thanksgiving crafts for years!  We decided to add a rainbow of colors to our turkey with a mixture of paper handprints and soft feathers. This project is great for older kids even down to the little crafters, with adult help.

rainbow feathers on paper bag craft

The items needed to make the paper bag turkey are easy to find and you may already have most of them in your craft supplies. Most, if not all, of these craft supplies can be found at your local Dollar Stores which makes for an inexpensive craft great for keeping your kids busy Thanksgiving afternoon or an afternoon leading up to the holiday. 

Decorating with a Paper Bag Turkey Craft

  • Hang it in a window: Since the brown bag is lightweight, it can easily be taped to a window using some scotch tape.
  • String them along the wall: Depending on your family size, you may have enough turkey bags to hang them on a string on the wall. The kids will love seeing their creations in the background at Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Use it as a puppet: Let your kids play with the brown bag turkey and use it like a puppet.

Watch the Video Tutorial Here:

supplies needed for turkey craft- paper, paper bag, googly eyes, feathers, glue

Supplies Needed for This Paper Bag Turkey Craft

Here’s what you’ll need to have on hand:

  • Rainbow Colored cardstock paper
  • Feathers also the colors of the rainbow
  • 2 large googly eyes for each turkey
  • Brown paper bag per turkey you plan on makingbrown paper bag turkey craft with rainbow feathers

How to Make the Paper Bag Turkey Craft

trace and cut colorful handprints

  1. Choose four pieces of colored cardstock for your child’s handprint. I used red, orange, green, and purple. You can use whatever colors you or your child like.
  2. Trace your child’s handprint four times. Once on each color of paper. Then cut the handprints out.
  3. Trace and cut out a red snood and an orange beak out of cardstock paperadd feathers and paper handprints in opposite rainbow order to back of paper bag
  4. Turn the bag so the flap portion is facing down. This allows it to be used as a puppet if your kids would like to.
  5. If you want the colors to be in the order they appear in the rainbow, work backward from right to left. Glue the two red feathers all the way to the right side. Then, glue the two orange feathers, followed by the two yellow feathers. Then, glue the two final feathers to the right side completing the feather portion. When you flip the paper bag over, they will be in the opposite order.
  6. Add the four handprints you traced and cut out. Place them so they coordinate with the feather colors.add googly eyes, beak and red snood to front of paper bag
  7. Add the googly eyes, an orange beak, and the red snood to the front flap without sealing the flap shut if it is to be used for a puppet.


What if I don’t have googly eyes available?

There are several options if you don’t have googly eyes for this craft. You can always draw them on using a marker. Choose some cute, oversized buttons to use for your turkey’s eyes. You can also use your cardstock paper to make unique googly eyes that match the colors of the feathers.

What Type of Glue Should I Use?

For most paper crafts, I suggest a glue stick or Elmers glue, whatever you have available will be fine.  For this particular craft, the glue stick may not provide enough strength to hold the feathers on the bag securely. I personally preferred to use a glue gun when applying the feathers, this cut down on the drying time and ensured I wouldn’t be replacing feathers throughout the day. The glue gun should only be used by an adult. 


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