Beaded Snowflakes

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Make your house look like a winter wonderland with these super easy Beaded Snowflakes! Grab your kids and have them make this chilly craft!

Beaded snowflakes Craft for Kids

Easy Beaded Snowflakes

It may or may not be snowing where you are, but this is a fun way to add a little snowfall to your day. This Beaded Snowflakes craft is perfect for all ages and only requires two materials to complete. All you need are white or colored pipe cleaners and pony beads in assorted colors!

Beaded Snowflakes - pink, white and blue


Supplies to Make Beaded Snowflakes:

  • White (or pastel blue, purple, silver) pipe cleaners, we used
  • Pony beads – soft blues, pinks, purples, white, and glitter white
materials needed" beads, pipe cleaner

Kid crafts that have a minimal supply list is my way to craft! Keeping things simple makes for a more inexpensive craft and a happier experience! These beaded snowflakes are also great for some of the littlest crafters to create independently which instills confidence and allows the adults to sit back and watch them create.

How to Make Beaded Snowflakes:

  1. Cut pipe cleaners in half. You will need 3 half piece for each snowflake.
  2. Twist three together in the center to make a snowflake shape.
  3. String plastic pony beads on each side.
  4. Bend about a ¼ -½ on the end of the pipe cleaner to keep the beads in place.
  5. Tie a ribbon or string to one of the folded ends to hang.
how to make beaded pipe cleaner snowflakes


Make sure to cut the pipe cleaners in half evenly. If not, your snowflake is going to be lopsided and we don’t want that! When you or your kids start stringing the pony beads, you can either string one strand at a time or alternate. Just remember to keep your snowflake on a flat surface so the beads don’t slide off while you’re stringing them! When you finish the strand, leave a little bit on the end to make a stopper so the beads don’t fall off. You’ll want to bend the end of the pipe cleaner into a circle. If you bent it right in half, the beads can still slip off.

Get Creative

This craft is so colorful that you can really do it however you want! If you’re going for a specific look, such as only white snowflakes, you can do that! If you or your kids are into colors, you can do super colorful snowflakes! Another creative thing you could do with this craft is making pretty patterns by alternating different colored beads.

hanging snowflakes

What Can I Do with These Beaded Snowflakes?

I like to have my kids hang these on our Christmas tree, but you can hang these wherever you want! You can hang them around your house, on a strand of garland, over your mantle, or any place you think they would look best! You can also give these Beaded Snowflakes out to family and friends as gifts. I’ve had so many crafts that I’ve repurposed as Christmas gifts because they make thoughtful presents and they’re inexpensive to make!

beaded snowflakes with hanging ribbon

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