Paper Plate Watermelon Craft

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This Paper Plate Watermelon Craft is a fun fruity summer activity the kids will enjoy making!

Watermelon is the true sign of summer! We can’t go through a full summer without enjoying at least one watermelon. It’s summer’s treat! When we can’t enjoy the delicious fruit, we make some ourselves with this Paper Plate Watermelon Craft.

The craft is super simple for little hands to complete and is a great thing to tuck away for a rainy day. Prep the pieces beforehand or let the kids go crazy on their own. Crafts like these are fantastic for fine motor skills and keeping kids busy

Materials to Make Your Watermelon Craft

I love a fun and easy paper plate craft! If you browse my site, you will see tons of activities that you can do with a simple paper plate and a few other items. This craft is no exception. Take a look in your craft box, craft corner, or craft closet. I bet you have most of these materials already. You will need:

  • paper plate – regular size not dessert sized unless you want them super small
  • paint in red and green
  • black cardstock
  • googly eyes – regular size
  • black sharpie
  • glue

A gluestick seems to work fine, but liquid glue might hold your pieces together a bit better.

Assembling Your Watermelon Craft

This watermelon craft is simple to put together. Just follow these easy steps with your little ones and be sure to have fun.

  1. Paint the center of the top of the paper plate red almost all the way to the edge.
  2. Paint the rest of the edge a lime green color leaving a small strip of white between the two colors.
  3. Once the paint is dry, cut the paper plate in half. Now you have two watermelon pieces!
  4. Cut out your watermelon seeds by drawing teardrop shapes. Glue them onto the red portion of the paper plate.
  5. Add googly eyes and a smile. I like to add eyelashes to some of them to make them look a little more like girls.

The kids will love hanging up these adorable watermelons and seeing their silly faces.

If you want, use a whole paper plate instead of cutting them in half. This will just allow you to add more seeds to your craft. Let the kids place the googly eyes anywhere they want to make them their own.

How Do You Make Paper Plate Fruit

Easily turn this craft into any type of fruit. Just use the coordinating colors to make apple slices, orange slices, kiwi, and more! If you do apple slices, use red and white paint. For oranges, use a variety of orange colors. If you make a kiwi, use a whole dessert plate, with green, and brown paint. Kids will like getting creative to make their own as well!

Ways to Use the Paper Plate Watermelon Craft

If you teach your kids about the parts of watermelon or any type of fruit for that matter, this craft is a great companion. Explain to the kids that the outer part of the watermelon is called the rind and it is usually green when it is ripe.

Tell them that the flesh of the watermelon is red and juicy. This is the part we typically eat. Inside the flesh, they will find both black and white seeds. The black seeds are the ones we usually think about when we think of watermelon. Reassure them that no, they won’t’ grow one in their belly if they accidentally swallow one.

If you have the time, let the kids create their own paper labels or arrows to point out each part of the watermelon fruit. Point to the rind (both the green and white part if you want), the red flesh, and the black seeds. It’s a fun learning experience and gives them more to keep occupied!

Other Fun Fruit Crafts

I really enjoy making all sorts of fruit crafts. They are perfect for any time of year but are super fun when it’s warm outside. If you like the watermelon craft, you’ll also enjoy these ideas.

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