Apple Stamping Craft

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This apple stamping craft is a fun way to use apples to create a harvest themed picture complete with silly googly eyes!

Apple Stamping Craft on counter with painted apples near by

This fun fall activity uses simple supplies like apple slices, paint and some thick paper. You can add pipe cleaners and googly eyes for a pop of personality to your craft project. This is a great way to introduce kids to different ways to create with paint and everyday household items. We also love to stamp with potatoes, cotton balls and even celery!

Red, green and yellow apple stamped prints on white paper

Fun Harvest time Activity

I love art and while we do a lot of product art (focusing on a specific end product) we also enjoy process art. Both forms of art are important in a child’s creativity process but process art is more focused on the process of creating and fine tuning fine motor skills than the actual finish product. Crafts like our Bubble Paint Monsters, Black Crayon Silhouettes, Moon Art, and Fork Painted Bears are just a few our of favorite process art you can find here.   These apple stamps make for a fun activity young children can do this fall season or during back to school time. 

How to Video:

stamping craft with apples

Supplies Needed for this Harvest Apple Craft

  • Paint, we used red paint, green paint, and yellow paint *
  • Googly eyes
  • Pipe Cleaners, green and brown
  • Apple Halves
supplies on counter - apples, paint, googly eyes

How to Make Apple Stamping Craft

1. Cut your apples in half. Set aside.  I like to remove the seeds but you don’t have to.  

2. Dab your apples dry with a paper towel. (If desired, insert a jumbo popsicle stick into the skin of an apple half – this makes it little bit easier for tiny hands to stamp
3. Add a small amount of paint to your paper plate. We use an individual dessert size plate for the different colors we use. 
4. Use a paint brush and dab some paint onto the cut surface of the apple. You can also dip your apple into paint but we find it easier for smaller hands to just apple the paint directly. 

5. Press your apple onto your cardstock and slowly pull back up to reveal your apple prints. 

process apple stamping pics


  • Washable Paint – we tend to use acrylic paint for most of our crafting but if you have younger kids that tend to be a bit messy and use excess paint you can use a washable paint such as tempera paint. 
  • Paint Colors – feel free to use just one color in your crafting or all three like we did.  If you want to use orange paint you can make our fun apple stamping pumpkin craft which is just a little different! Either style is perfect for kids of all ages!
  • FREE Eyeball Template – if you would rather use paper eyeballs you can print our FREE template HERE!  You can also draw your own eyes on after the paint has fully dried. 
  • Preschool Apple Theme– this activity is perfect for older elementary kids to the little ones just starting out! Once you cut your apple you have a great opportunity to have a mini lesson discussing the inside of the apple and the different parts of an apple such as the skin, flesh and seeds. This fall craft fun to dive into after a field trip to your local apple orchard!
  • Pipe Cleaners – sometimes pipe cleaners can be a little tricky to get to stick to paper. I have my kids cut and curl their own pipe cleaners but I typically attach the pipe cleaners with hot glue to ensure the craft stays in place. 
  • Jumbo Popsicle Stick – stick a jumbo popsicle stick in the skin side of the apple for easy crafting with little hands. More advance crafters and older kids can try it without the popsicle stick.  This helps prevent fumbling of the apple and paint getting all over the place 🙂 

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