Handprint Chick Craft

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This spring handprint chick craft is perfect for little hands! Celebrate Easter and Springtime with your little ones in under 30 minutes!

Handprint Chick Craft

Spring always makes me so happy! With the warmer weather approaching and Easter right around the corner, it’s the best time to make our favorite spring handprint crafts. Handprint art is great because they become little memories we can store away. A kid’s handprints are cherished and make the best artwork, in my opinion. Use these adorable paper chicks to bring a little sunshine and happiness into your Easter inspiration this year.

three handprint finished chicks on table

Handprint Chick How-To Video:

Let’s Make a Handprint Chick

This spring handprint craft is perfect for little hands. They make great Easter crafts and if you pair them with some spring flowers, you have an adorable bulletin board or fridge decor. The kids will love seeing their artwork displayed for all to see. I know I love seeing their cute hands.

To make this cute craft, you will need:

  • yellow and orange cardstock
  • googly eyes or our free eye template you can print!
  • glue
  • scissors

If you don’t have colored construction paper, trace the handprints onto white paper and let the kids color their own chicks. We always love a fun coloring activity on a craft morning.

supplies needed for craft on table

Assembling the Spring Handprint Craft is Easy

This craft is super simple, and you can probably figure out how to complete it by just looking at the pictures. Use a handprint template or trace your child’s hand using a pencil or light crayon. We like to use our own hands so we have different sizes of chicks, but the template is a great alternative for wiggly little fingers.

  1. First, trace and cut out your handprints on the yellow cardstock or construction paper to make the chick’s body.
  2. Cut out the eyes, triangle nose, and feet using the templates or your own judgment.
  3. Glue all of the pieces in place. We use glue sticks for less mess, but liquid glue works just fine.

Once assembled, your handprint chick crafts are ready for their debut! Pin them up on the windows, doors, fridge, or bulletin board. There are tons of creative ways to decorate bulletin boards with spring chicks. Use them to celebrate Easter or the new spring season. The cute little chicks are easy spring crafts to pair with Easter eggs, too.

draw handprint on yellow paper

Does This Spring Craft Require a Printer?

There is a template for the chick’s eyes that you can print, but it is not necessary. Simply create your own eyes on paper or glue down googly eyes. The template is not required.

What Are Some Educational Activities I Can Do With These Handprint Chicks?

A spring craft is a great way to talk about new life and baby animals. Use the spring chick craft to tell kids about the life cycle of a chicken. It’s a simple idea to illustrate what happens from egg to chick in the spring.

Create your handprint chicks and then use them to retell stories about chicks, like Chicken Little or A Chick Grows Up. Glue the chick to a craft stick to make it into a little puppet.

Using this craft in the classroom? Put them up on the board with a cute saying like, “Spring is Near, the Chicks are Here” or “Let’s See What’s Hatching…”. You can also get a little punny with “Chick This Out!”

Whichever activities you pair it with, I hope you enjoy this fun spring craft.

handprint chick crafts on table

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