School Bus Craft

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A back-to-school bus craft that kids will enjoy creating as they head back to the classroom this school year

Three school bus craft on counter with school supplies

I can’t believe back-to-school time is already here, can you? Each year, I like to find a fun way to kick off the year and get excited about learning. This year, we are going to use this cute school bus craft! It’s easy to do and makes a great bulletin board display, accessory for the fridge, gift for a new teacher, or a gift for a bus driver. It’s so much fun to create and is an easy way to practice fine motor skills with your little ones.

Take a look at how simple this school bus craft is to make this new school year.

Back to school bus craft

Craft Supplies for Your School Bus Craft

Creating this craft requires a few items from your local craft store. If you don’t have these on hand, Michaels, Walmart Superstores, and Amazon have everything you need. The supplies won’t be a huge extra cost and you’ll have extras for future years and other crafting adventures.

If you want to be ambitious, grab some red construction paper to create your own stop sign to attach to the bus as well. You might even be able to find traffic stickers to attach. The little kids would love that.

Back to school bus craft supplies


How Do You Build a School Bus?

This easy school bus craft is such a cute little way to kick off the school year. It’s super simple and kids of all ages will love doing it. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Cut out your black and yellow pieces using your template. Glue the yellow piece onto the back of the black piece.
  2. Create a frame around your paper with your yellow popsicle sticks. Starting on either side. Then add two to the bottom and two to the top. I recommend using a hot glue gun or liquid glue to attach the popsicle sticks. They last longer this way. Adults only should use a hot glue gun.
  3. Add the face pieces, including the eyes, red button cheeks, and smile. Glue the black buttons and the “school bus” label to the top of the bus.
  4. Finally, add the tire pieces made from black construction paper.

The completed crafts make a cute classroom decoration when the school year starts. You’ll love seeing the variations in the way the kids place their popsicle sticks and complete their craft. It’s a great craft for parents to hang on to as a keepsake as well.

Back to school bus craft process collage

How to Display My Kids’ Crafts

I know you get so many art projects and crafts handed to you by your kids. You can’t possibly display them all. Here are a few fun ideas for displaying your kids’ crafts before putting them away.

This school bus craft, and others like it, are easy to hang up on the fridge using a magnet. Grab a strip of magnetic tape from the craft store and cut a small piece to place on the back of the bus. There, you have an easy way to hang it up on metal surfaces.

Purchase a few small stands to set your sturdier crafts on. These are great for homemade frames, First day of school photo crafts, and holiday items.

Attach yarn or string to the crafts. Use tape or hot glue to attach a string to the craft and hang it anywhere in the house.

Back to school bus craft

Coloring Plain Popsicle Sticks with Food Coloring

If you can’t find yellow popsicle sticks, you can easily color a plain popsicle stick using food coloring. All you need is food coloring and vinegar. Place some vinegar and a drop or two of your food coloring into a large cup to cover the whole popsicle stick. If you don’t have a tall enough cup, use a baking sheet. This way, you can lay multiple craft sticks on the tray at once. Let them soak overnight for brighter colors.

We also found that if the vinegar didn’t cover the whole stick, the popsicle stick still soaked up the liquid to dye the top. Make a fun experiment out of it and watch the tan sticks turn colors. The kids will have so much fun watching them change.

More Back to School Crafts

Here are some more back-to-school crafts you will enjoy!

Enjoy creating all of these fun crafts and happy back to school!

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