Hibiscus Flower Craft

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This Hibiscus Flower Craft is super easy to make and only requires a few materials! This pretty tropical flower is a fun floral craft to make with the kids!

paper hibiscus flowers on craft counter

Get ready to unleash your creativity with this vibrant Hibiscus Flower Craft! Whether planning a tropical themed event or simply looking for a fun and engaging craft project, making paper flowers is a great way to add a touch of natural beauty to any setting. With a template outlining the general shapes of the hibiscus flowers and a little bit of effort, this craft will transport you to a paradise of creativity!


free template and cardstock on craft counter with mini yellow pom  poms

Craft Supplies Needed to Make a Hibiscus Flower Craft

You can find all of these materials at your local craft store or online!

how to make paper hibiscus process

How to Make a Hibiscus Flower Craft

This craft only takes a few minutes to make! 

  1. Use the free template and cut out the pieces. Glue everything together.
  2. Add tiny yellow pom poms to either side if desired!

Tips for Making a Hibiscus Flower Craft

  • Choose Vibrant Colors – Opt for bright and eye-catching colors for your hibiscus flowers. Think vibrant pinks, oranges, yellows, and purples to capture the essence of these tropical blooms.
  • Use Sturdy Paper – Select high-quality paper or cardstock for cutting out your flower shapes. This will ensure that your hibiscus flowers are sturdy and hold their shape well.
  • Experiment with Petal Sizes – Play around with different petal sizes to create depth and variety in your hibiscus flowers. Mix larger petals with smaller ones to achieve a more realistic and layered look.
  • Add Details with Markers – Use markers or colored pencils to add details and shading to the petals and center of your hibiscus flowers. This will enhance their overall appearance and make them look more lifelike.
  • Layer and Stack Hibiscus Petals – Build your hibiscus flowers by layering and stacking the petal shapes. This will give them dimension and create a beautiful, full-bodied look.
  • Don’t Forget the Center – Pay attention to the center of the hibiscus flower. Add a contrasting color or texture to represent the hibiscus stamen and give your flower an authentic touch.
  • Add Texture – Add tissue paper for some added texture! This simple touch will create super lush hibiscus flowers!
three paper hibiscus craft, blue, pink and purple

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