Paper Plate Fish

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This easy paper plate fish is a colorful craft for kids of all ages! Use different items like tissue paper, paint, and pom poms for a fun underwater project. 

Paper Plate Fish Craft PAPER PLATE FISH

Ocean theme crafts are a favorite during hot summer months, whether it’s because it reminds you of days spent at the beach or relaxing afternoons at the pool, these sea friendly friends will be a fun activity for the kids. Your paper plate fish can be made in a variety of ways which allows the kids to get extra creative with their colorful project.  We used Pom Poms and tissue paper cut into squares but you could also use buttons, construction paper, or other mediums you can glue on to your fish.

paper plate fish with tissue paper squares and pom poms


We love making crafts with minimal supplies! No need to run to the store for a bunch of items you will only use once. Pom poms, tissue paper, and paper are all easily stored away for another craft for another time and easily accessible!

For this craft you will need the following:

  • Dessert Paper Plates, we use the cheapest ones
  • Craft Paint
  • Colored card stock, to match craft paint
  • Tissue paper, cut into squares
  • Pom Poms, mix of sizes
  • Googly eyes

supplies needed for fish craft


  1. Start off by painting your paper plate in your desired colors. We used blue, orange and pink paint
  2. While the paint is drying cut out fins and a tail out of your card stock.  
  3. Cut your tissue paper into small squares.  Add either tissue paper squares or pom poms to half of your fishes body with glue.  For the pom poms we preferred to use hot glue (adults only)

    add tissue paper squares to painted paper plate with glue

  4. Cut out a small triangle shape to make fishes mouth.  Add your fins and tail to the paper plates.
  5. Add one large googly eye to finish.

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paper plate fish craft hero shot vertical


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