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We love doing fun apple activities during the fall and when back-to-school comes around. There are so many fun things to do with apples, and this year we made a silly apple handprint craft with a worm! Making any craft is fun, but adding a silly worm and fun googly eyes makes it even better.

This is the perfect craft for back-to-school season and as a first day of school keepsake or a fun fall craft.

Craft Supplies Needed to Make a Handprint Apple

Making a handprint craft is very simple, you just need a few craft supplies from your local craft store or Walmart Supercenter. This craft really only requires paper; making is easy to make with your kids at any time.

  • Red, green, and brown cardstock paper
  • Googly Eyes
  • Light Green Ultra Fine Sharpie
  • White Paint Pen, optional

You will also need scissors and glue to assemble everything.

How to Video:

How to Make a Handprint Apple

To make a handprint apple, just follow these simple instructions. The first thing you will have to do is trace your child’s hand onto colored cardstock.

  1. Trace your child handprint, making one area that looks like a bite was taken, or use our FREE Handprint Apple Template. Cut out.
  2. Next, draw and cut out a stem and leaf and glue to apple.
  3. Then, add your worm. I added lines with the light green fine Sharpie.
  4. Add your googly eyes.
  5. Draw highlights on the apple using your white paint pen.

These adorable red apples will look great displayed on an apple print board or bulletin board in a classroom. If you create them at home, hang them up on your fridge or in your window so the kids can show off their work.

A is For Apple

If you and your little ones are studying the letters of the alphabet, this is a super fun activity to learn about the letter A. While you create this easy handprint craft, talk to your kids about different things that start with A. They will have fun finding things around the room.

Want more apple ideas? Try some of these:

Handprint Apple & Worm

Author Katie
Try creating this fun handprint apple craft during fall and back-to-school season as a fun keepsake for your kids.


  • cardstock red, green, & brown
  • googly eyes
  • sharpie marker black
  • colored marker green (light or dark)
  • glue


  • Using our free template, cut out the apple craft template pieces with the coordinating colored cardstock.
  • Add eyes, face features, and green lines on the worms neck
  • Add white highights to the red handprint applle with a white paint pen if desired.
  • Add worm stem and leaf


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Johnny Appleseed Day

Johnny Appleseed Day is celebrated every year on September 26. It’s a day to remember the legend of Johnny Appleseed. John Chapman was an American Nurseryman who traveled the world spreading apple seeds. He introduced apples to the Midwest. This included states such as Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois.

Celebrate his journey to grow more apple trees using this craft and any of the others above. Kids find his story fascinating.

Paint Your Handprint

Instead of tracing and cutting out your child’s handprint, use red paint and a paintbrush to paint your child’s hand. Then, press their handprint down on the paper and attach your worm, leaf, and stem! It’s a cute way to remember how small your child’s hand used to be.

If you are a teacher, this sweet craft makes a lovely keepsake for parents. Use it during back-to-school season as a great way to start the school year.

More Fun Handprint Crafts

I love handprint crafts because they freeze your child’s hand in time. You get to hang onto them forever and remember how small and sweet their little fingers were. If you love handprints as much as I do, try some of these fun handprint ideas.

  • Fall Tree Handprint Craft – this is a fun fall craft to do while you learn about the seasons and the chillier weather.
  • Handprint Turtles – These turtles are adorable and great to make any time of year. I love the buttons that make up their hard shell.
  • Cute Handprint Pig Craft – If you learn about the farm this time of year, make these sweet pig crafts.
  • Dinosaur Handprint Craft – Kids love dinosaurs, so let them create their own using their handprints and a few scraps of paper.

Enjoy this fun apple handprint craft, and be sure to follow me on social media for more amazing ideas to do with your young kids. You can find me on Instagram @madetobeamomma or @madetobeakid

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