DIY Snow Globe

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Get in the holiday spirit with these DIY Snow Globes! They’re super easy to make and great for kids and adults alike! We made ours waterless to last for years to come!

DIY Snow Globe with tree and snowman

DIY Snow Globe

This DIY Mason Jar Snow Globe is SUCH a fun craft for the kids! Most of the DIY snow globe versions out there have water and glycerin and while yes, you can still make these with water, we decided to try a waterless version and my kids loved it.

diy waterless snow globes on table

Waterless Snow Globe

Eliminating the water allowed my kids to have more options of what they wanted to add to their snow globe. When adding water, you need to make sure your bottle brush trees and miniatures don’t have any metal on them, or after some time they will begin to rust. Most bottlebrush trees have bits of metal on them so this allowed us to add as many as we wanted without fear of our water turning murky.


items needed for christmas snow globe

How to Make a Snow Globe

  1. Attach mini figurines to the inside of the mason jar lid.
  2. Let the glue dry.
  3. Add a touch of glitter and faux snow to the globe part of your snowglobe. Amount will depend on the size of your minatures. You don’t want the snow to completely them.
  4. Place your figurine pieces inside the snow globe. Twist closed.
  5. Attach a ribbon if desired.
how to make a snow globe

Get Creative

For this craft, you can do a ton of super cute renditions to make it your own! What I like to do is have my kids pick out which figurines they want in their snow globe and I glue them to the lid. You can also be super creative with your glitter. If you don’t want regular white glitter, you can do red, green, gold; basically whatever you want! Lastly, you can decorate the outside of the jar by putting a ribbon or some twine around the lid of the globe. The possibilities are endless! I love that these snowglobes are great for kids and adults alike!

gnome in waterless snow globe

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