Coffee Filter Snowflakes

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Making Coffee Filter Snowflakes is not only a fun and simple activity but also a great way to explore creativity with colors and patterns. It’s a perfect project for a snowy day inside and a great opportunity for kids and adults alike to craft together.

These Coffee Filter Snowflakes are such a pretty craft and a great introduction to snowflake making! 🙂 Kids will love opening their individual snowflakes to see what they created! It’s a little surprise with each snowflake design.

Tips For Perfect Coffee Filter Snowflakes

  • Experiment with Colors: Mix different shades of blue and aqua for a diverse range of snowflakes. Purples and Pinks are always beautiful winter colors!
  • Vary Your Designs: Try different cutting patterns for each snowflake to ensure a variety of designs.
  • Controlled Spraying: Avoid using too much water to prevent the filters from tearing.

Materials Needed To Make Coffee Filter Snowflakes

  • Coffee Filters
  • Washable Crayola Markers (Blues and Aquas)
  • Spray Bottle
  • Scissors
  • Paper Towels
  • Baking Sheet (optional)
  • Hair Dryer (optional)

How To Make Coffee Filter Snowflakes

This craft is super fun and easy to make! Here’s how:

Step 1: Color Your Coffee Filters

Start by flattening out your coffee filters. Using your markers, color them in various shades of blues and aquas. For a unique effect, color around the edges of two filters, fill about 1-2 inches of space, so there’s plenty of white in the center.

Step 2: Spray to Blend the Colors

Once colored, lightly spray the coffee filters with water from your spray bottle. You’ll see the colors start to bleed and blend together, creating a beautiful watercolor effect. Be careful not to oversaturate.

Step 3: Quick Drying Method

Let the filters dry. If you’re in a hurry, transfer them to a paper towel-lined baking sheet and carefully use a hair dryer to speed up the drying process.

Step 4: Fold and Cut

Fold your coffee filter in half. Repeat folding two more times. Then, using scissors, cut out various shapes and designs. Be sure not to cut all the way through, so your snowflake stays intact.

Step 5: Unveil Your Snowflake

Carefully unfold each coffee filter to reveal your unique snowflake design. Each one will be a surprise!

Creative Variations of Coffee Filter Snowflakes

Once you’ve mastered the basic design, you can get creative with your snowflakes:

  • Color Variations. While blues and aquas create a cool, wintery feel, don’t hesitate to experiment with other colors. Try warm colors like reds and oranges for a fiery effect or pastels for a soft, delicate look.
  • Size Differences. Use different sizes of coffee filters for a variety of snowflake sizes. Larger filters are great for window decorations, while smaller ones can be lovely for table scatter.
  • Incorporate Glitter. After coloring and while the filters are still damp, sprinkle some glitter over them. This adds a sparkling, frosty touch to your snowflakes.
  • Layered Snowflakes. Glue two or more coffee filter snowflakes together, offsetting them slightly to create a more intricate, layered look. This adds depth and complexity to the design.

Commonly Asked Questions

What age group is this craft suitable for?

This craft is great for all ages, especially children aged 4 and up. Younger children may need assistance with the scissors, but coloring and spraying are fun for any age.

Can I use regular markers instead of washable markers?

Washable markers are recommended because they bleed more easily when sprayed with water, creating the desired effect. Regular markers may not produce the same watercolor look.

How long does it take for the coffee filters to dry?

It typically takes about 30 minutes to an hour to air dry. If you use a hair dryer, it can take just a few minutes.

Can I make these snowflakes without a spray bottle?

Yes, you can gently dab the filters with a wet sponge or cloth to get the colors to bleed. The effect might be slightly different but still beautiful.

How can I hang or display the finished snowflakes?

You can hang them using string, ribbon, or fishing line. They can be taped to windows, hung from the ceiling, or even placed on a Christmas tree.

Do I have to use coffee filters?

Coffee filters are ideal due to their texture and absorbency, but you can experiment with other thin papers like tissue paper.

Can I make my snowflakes waterproof for outdoor display?

A: These snowflakes are not naturally waterproof. However, you can laminate them or cover them with clear contact paper for some degree of water resistance.

Coffee Filter Snowflakes

Author Katie


  • Coffee Filter Snowflakes
  • Coffee filters
  • Washable Crayola markers
  • Spray bottle
  • Scissors


  • Color your coffee filters with markers.
  • Color around the edges, and leave a good amount of white in the middle.
  • Spray coffee filters until the colors begin to bleed together. Let dry.
  • If desired, palce on a paper towel lined baking sheet to dry or use a hair blow dryer to dry it quickly.
  • Fold into a cone shape and cut out different shapes and designs making sure to not cut into each other.
  • Open snowflake.
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