Rainbow Popsicle Sticks Craft

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Trying to find a fun craft for your classroom or home? This Rainbow Popsicle Sticks Craft is a fun way to let kids get crafty.

popsicle stick craft

We love making this Rainbow Craft in the spring and summertime but they are the perfect craft for any time of year. All kids love a good rainbow craft. This craft is easy because it uses already painted popsicle sticks from the store. That saves you the step of coloring them and making a mess! Take a look at how this simple popsicle stick craft is put together below.

Where Do I Find Rainbow Popsicle Sticks?

Rainbow popsicle sticks can be found all over. We get ours from the Walmart craft section or our local craft store. The multicolored craft sticks are also on Amazon. The ones used in this activity are the skinny popsicle sticks, but you can also use the wider sticks for a bigger rainbow and cloud.

These colorful popsicle sticks are perfect for any easy craft so keep the extras on hand for a rainy day. Kids of all ages will find a creative way to use them for crafts, fine motor skills, imaginative play, STEM projects, art projects, and more.

Rainbow Popsicle Sticks on counter

What Will I Need to Make the Rainbow Popsicle Sticks Craft

All of these materials can be found at your local superstore or craft store. They are fairly cheap basic craft supplies and you may already have some laying around from previous crafts. I remember my mom used to keep a box of buttons lying around and it reminded me that I saved a few myself. They may not be the right color, but it’s always worth checking.

You will need:

  • Rainbow Popsicle Sticks (We use the regular sized ones)
  • White Cardstock
  • Googly Eyes
  • Pink Buttons
  • Hot Glue Gun or Liquid Glue

You don’t have to use pink buttons, but we chose pink to look like rosy cheeks. You could also use red or any color of your choice. The googly eyes are the normal size as well, but you can use whichever size you want. Some large eyes would look adorable on these springs clouds.

rainbow popsicle stick supplies on table

Assembling the Popsicle Sticks Craft

Depending on the age of your child, you may want to assemble the popsicle sticks ahead of time since you will have to use hot glue. If you have the patience, the rainbow sticks may hold together using liquid glue, too. I pre-assembled the sticks and then let the kids add the eyes, cheeks, and mouth. Before I glued them together, I let the kids put them in rainbow order to practice colors first.

  1. Start off by placing your popsicle sticks in rainbow order but backward. (Purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red)
  2. Hot glue another popsicle stick diagonally across them to keep them all together.
  3. Turn your work around so the diagonal stick is on the backside now. The colors of the rainbow will now be in order.
  4. Cut out a cloud shape from your white construction paper.
  5. Add googly eyes and a small smile.
  6. Add small pink buttons on either side of the smile for cheeks.

I used hot glue to put the popsicle sticks together and liquid glue for the kids to attach the eyes and button cheeks. The adorable rainbows go perfectly over a paper pot of gold.

If you have cotton balls lying around, use them on the face of the cloud to make a fluffy cloud. Glue the eyes onto the cotton balls as well as the rosy button cheeks. The mouth can be drawn on using a sharpie marker or glue on a piece of black string or a pipe cleaner.

Add a ribbon or string to the back of the cloud in a loop to make it easy to hang on doors, windows, and bulletin boards. The kids will love seeing their hard work on display.

popsicle stick craft process photos

How Do You Color Plain Popsicle Sticks with Food Coloring?

Can’t find pre-dyed popsicle sticks or want to color your own? Easily dye regular popsicle sticks using food coloring and some vinegar. Place some vinegar and a drop or two of your desired color into a cup large enough to cover the whole stick. If you don’t have a tall enough cup, use a baking sheet so you can lay multiple sticks on the tray. Let them soak overnight for brighter colors.

We also found that if the vinegar didn’t cover the whole stick, the popsicle stick still soaked up the liquid to dye the top. Make a fun experiment out of it and watch the tan sticks turn colors. The kids will have so much fun watching them change.

Enjoy creating this simple rainbow craft with your little ones. It’s sure to be a hit and a fun keepsake for years to come. Happy Crafting!

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