Mason Jar Scarecrow

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A Mason Jar Scarecrow Candy Jar craft for kids that’s simple to create and makes a wonderful fall gift for family or friends!

Mason Jar Scarecrow with pumpkin in the background on craft table

I love fall so much! The chilly air and all of the fun holidays bring back so much nostalgia. There’s something about the fun fall colors as well! I came up with this wonderful scarecrow mason jar craft idea as something fun to do with the kids. It not only makes for a fun activity, but it’s a cute decoration to have up for the fall!

Materials Needed to Make a Mason Jar Scarecrow

To make this adorable scarecrow, you will need a few items from your craft store. If you don’t already have these on hand, find them online, at Walmart, or Michaels craft stores.

  • Mason Jar
  • Eye Template
  • Black Paint Marker or pen
  • Orange craft foam
  • pink buttons
  • craft sunflower
  • candy corn
  • twine or raffia or a piece of burlap ribbon
candy, mason jar, sunflower, paint pen and glue on work space table

How Do You Make a Mason Jar Scarecrow?

Follow these simple instructions to create your scarecrow mason jar. This will become a cherished piece of fancy homemade fall decor that you can also eat out of. If you don’t want to eat the candy, it will keep in the jar next fine and do well as a decoration for years to come. Just don’t let anyone eat out of the scarecrow jar in future years.

  1. Wash and dry your mason jar.
  2. Fill the jar with candy corn.
  3. Glue on the eyes, triangular nose, and buttons for cheeks.
  4. Draw on a smile with a black paint pen. Add stitching lines on the mouth and two on the side of the smile.
  5. Wrap raffia or twine around the top of the jar and glue it in place.
  6. Glue the fake sunflower on to the top of the mason jar!
candy in mason jar with handmade face on jar.

If you have straw, you can attach strands of straw under the mason jar lid to look like scarecrow hair! I would recommend gluing it in place on the inside rim if possible. This is a great fall mason jar project for adults and children to do together! Don’t forget to enjoy your fair share of candy corn while you work on the cute scarecrow faces.

What Glue is Best for this Scarecrow Mason Jar?

Aleenes glue and Elmgers extreme glue work best. These seem to hold the pieces in place even when the jar is stored away until the next season. A hot glue gun works but doesn’t seem to adhere to the glass as well as the other glue brands.

If you are making this craft with children, try using sticky glue dots. These are great for younger kids and don’t create as much of a mess!

Do I Have to Use Candy Corn?

You certainly don’t have to fill your jar with candy corn. I just love the cute look of the candy inside the glass jar. If you would rather not use candy, you can use orange paint to coat the jar and decorate the rest following the instructions. Either way, it makes adorable mason jar scarecrows to use as wonderful fall decoration.

Mason Jar Scarecrow on counter

Other Things I Can Do With This Scarecrow Craft

Instead of filling your jar with candy corn, paint it orange and use it as a great DIY pen holder for the fall! Glue the fake sunflower to the side of the jar and you have a cute desk piece.

If you can find one, attach a small burlap hat to the mason jar lid! Instead of the silver lid, your scarecrow will have an adorable hat and you’ll have the coolest fall decorations.

These fall mason jar crafts make a great gift to family members, teachers, and friends. Let kids help you create them and it will be a memorable experience for both them and the recipients of the gifts.

More Crafts to Make This Fall Season

If you love crafting as much as I do, you’ll want to check out these fall crafts on my site:

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Enjoy creating the cutest fall decorations this year and be sure to check back for more inspiration!

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