Torn Paper Acorn Craft

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This Torn Paper Acorn craft is a simple activity to do this fall season! Use small pieces of torn paper, googly eyes and buttons to make this fun craft!

Torn Paper Acorn Craft for Kids on craft Counter

Torn Paper crafts are some of our favorite types of paper projects. These easy crafts come together in under 30 minutes which is great for both young children and older children.  You only need a minimal amount of craft supplies which also makes this a great “last minute craft” for this autumn time of year.  This time of year is filled with cute fall crafts centered around pumpkins, fall leaves and scarecrows. It’s a cooler cozy time of year filled with lots of fun! These adorable acorns are a great addition to your autumn crafts to do list. 

finished acorn craft with torn pieces of brown paper

Supplies Needed:

  • Brown Paper, torn into small pieces – we used both a light and a dark brown
  • Googly Eyes, we prefer the larger eyes but any size will do
  • Black paper, cut into a smile shape
  • Pink Buttons, optional
  • White paper, free hand draw an acorn shape or use our free template

How to make Torn Paper Acorn Craft

  1. Tear brown paper into pieces, make both small and larger pieces.
  2. Fill your acorn template with your torn paper using a glue stick. We like to apply glue in one area at a time.  We prefer to start the bottom of the page and work our way up ending with the acorn cap. 
  3. Add googly eyes, black mouth and pink button cheeks to your little guy. 🙂 
torn paper acorn process image

Tips for making this Acorn Craft

  • Use two shades of brown paper if possible. This helps break up the bottom of the acorn from the acorn caps. Go on a quick scavenger hunt to see if you can find any real acorns in your neighborhood. If not, you can find pictures online for a quick little lesson on acorns. 
  • The pink button cheeks are optional but we love to add a little personality to our paper art and googly eyes are a fun way to do it! 
  • We tend to use cardstock when creating paper crafts because it’s sturdier and helps the project last longer but construction paper is perfectly fine to use!
  • Let your kids tear the pieces of paper! This is a great way for developing pincher muscles and working on fine motor skills for your young learners! Ripping smaller pieces helps strengthen their fingers for other daily activities and important skills like holding a pencil, buttoning their shirt, etc.  

Are you looking for more fall art projects?  We have made a few torn paper crafts such as our cute little pumpkin, and recently our torn paper apple craft. We love to make paper plate crafts and have a few options that would make perfect fun fall activities! 

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