Easy Paper Plate Pumpkin Pie Craft for Kids

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This easy pumpkin pie craft is such a fun kids craft for the Fall season. Using paper plates, paint and googly eyes kids can make a cute pie slice they will love.

Paper Plate Pumpkin Pie Craft

Fall season is pie season and we love pie in our household! Apple pie and pumpkin pie are the epitome of Fall and now kids can make their own paper plate pumpkin pie. This adorable pumpkin pie craft will be a fun way to remind them of the Thanksgiving feast to come or makes for a perfect activity to pass the time while waiting for the turkey to finish cooking.  No matter when you make this easy Thanksgiving craft you will only need a few supplies and less than 30 minutes to complete this easy craft that is perfect for this time of year!


Supplies Needed to make these cute pumpkin pie slices:

  • paper plate, cheap dinner size 
  • paint, orange and light brown/tan
  • small googly eyes
  • pink buttons
  • cotton balls
  • glue stick or white glue
  • black sharpie or paint pen
  • pink buttons, optional

How to Make this Pumpkin Pie Craft:

1. Start off by painting the inside of your paper plate with orange paint and the outside rim in your light brown paint color. Let dry.

2. Once your plate is dry cut your paper plate in half. Cut the two half circles in half again to create pie slices.

3. Add cotton balls or white pom poms, as the whipped cream topping, towards the edge of the slice but still on the orange pie filling.

4. If desired, add facial features with your googly eyes, pink buttons and sharpie marker.


What can I use instead of paint?

If you want to skip an extra mess that you will need to clean up on Turkey Day you can color your paper plate with markers or crayons. For a more elevated look you can also glue on some orange tissue paper squares to your plate to act as the pie. Repeat with brown squares for the crust. 

What creative things can I do with these pumpkin pie slices?

  1. Tape these slices to a piece of Jute and make your pumpkin pie slices into a cute garland.
  2. Use the individual pumpkin pie slices as place cards for your dinner guests. 
  3. On each slice of the pumpkin pie, have your child write what they are thankful for. Put all the pie slices together and now you have a thankful pie to share with the Thanksgiving dinner table. 
  4. If you are a teacher,you can have your students write what they are thankful for on their own individual slices of pie and add them to your classroom bulletin boards. This is a great way to show gratitude at your school!

What age is this craft best geared for?

This pumpkin craft is great for kids of all ages but is mostly geared towards younger children ages 6-10!  If you are looking for more fun Thanksgiving crafts you should give these a try:

Happy Fall and Happy Crafting! 

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