Tiger Surprise Craft

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This Tiger Surprise Craft is a great activity for kids of all ages! This easy zoo animal craft will help your kids learn about tigers and is a great way to entertain them!

tiger craft surprise

This easy tiger craft is a fun way to let your kids create their own zoo right in your home! For this fun project, we use simple craft supplies like our FREE Tiger Template and coloring tools and then fold the template into thirds to create the “surprise” tiger! This Tiger Surprise Craft is a great way to help your children develop their fine motor skills, learn all about adorable tigers, and keep them busy! So, grab your craft supplies, and let’s have some creative family fun!

Why You’ll Love This Tiger Surprise Craft


You only need the tiger template and coloring supplies to make this easy craft idea! No mess, no fuss! This craft is a great idea for when you want to give your kids some downtime but don’t want to mess with a ton of supplies.

Educational Tool

Kids can learn about the physical characteristics of tigers, such as their bright orange fur and black stripes, and use these details to make their own tiger crafts look more realistic! Plus, your kids get to learn all about one of their favorite animals!


Craft Supplies Needed to Make a Tiger Surprise Craft

You only need a few simple materials, and your kids can make this easy peasy Tiger Surprise Craft in no time! 

  • Tiger Template
  • Coloring Supplies (Or paint supplies if you want to get fancy)!

How to Make a Tiger Surprise Craft

  • Print out the Tiger Template
  • Color or paint in the tiger’s stripes and body
  • Fold in thirds to create the tiger “surprise!”

Tips for Making a Tiger Surprise Craft


What Paper should I use?

Cardstock is my preferred choice for this craft. Kids will love opening and shutting their tiger and the durability of the cardstock allows it to last longer than regular copy/printer paper would.  

Can I cut out the tiger from the template?

Of course! You can cut out the tiger from the template so the tiger’s face and body are the only remaining template pieces and you can use the head to open and close the ROAR filled mouth.

Can my kids use finger paint to color in their tiger!

Absolutely! If you have extra time, having your kids finger paint the tiger is a great way to strengthen their fine motor skills and have a little extra fun! You can also use watercolor or crayons instead for a different outcome.

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