Mother’s Day Donut Card

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This delightful Mother’s Day Donut Card is a fun craft for kids to sprinkle some love into their mommas’ lives. Use our free template and some colorful paper to make this simple gift!

mothers day card with paper sprinkles nearby

It’s time to celebrate those sweet Momma’s in our lives with something as cute as it looks yummy. One of my favorite gifts to receive from my kids is something homemade. I love looking back over the years and seeing what they made in school for me or just from their own creation. Of course I don’t keep EVERYTHING 🙂 but special Mother’s Day projects tend to make it to the “keep pile.”

For this easy Mother’s Day Card we’re going to create a delightful card featuring a favorite sweet treat: a donut! This printable Mother’s day card is easy to make and even practices some fine motor skills, so not only are your kids making something special, they are learning along the way.

paper donut on free printable

Materials Needed To Make A Donut Card

free printable, colored cardstock and supplies on counter

How To Make a Mother’s Day Donut Card

Creating this card is SO simple especially with our free easy to use templates!

Step 1: Print your templates

Grab our free MOM Template and our free donut template to make this donut craft easy and quick!

Use the donut template to trace your donut pieces. We used a light tan for our donut base and chose pink and blue frosting but any color you choose will be great! Cut out small strips of cardstock in various colors for your sprinkles.

donut template pieces cut out on craft counter

Step 2: Frost that donut!

Glue your frosting onto your donuts and glue donut between the two “M’s” on your printable.

Add your googly eyes and eyelashes, if you desire, to your donut. Add a smile or a little smirk with a black marker or Sharpie. Lastly, glue the rainbow sprinkles onto your icing.

finished donut craft

Create with your Kids!

Creating something with kids doesn’t have to stressful or time consuming! Most of the time, here at Made to be a Momma, we try to make things as simple as possible by providing simple creative ideas that can be finished in under 30 minutes and easy to use templates. Creating a little bit each day or even just one time a week can be a special time.

Creating is:

  1. Fun: Crafting is enjoyable and entertaining if you keep it simple! 😉
  2. Encouraging Creativity: Kids get to use their imagination to decorate the donut or whatever craft they are working on however they want.
  3. Surprise Mom or Loved ones: Kids love surprises, and making a special card for their mom is exciting.
  4. Feel Proud: Finishing a craft can make them feel accomplished and proud to see what their own two hands and imagination was able to make.
  5. Spending Time Together: Crafting is a great way to bond with parents, grandparents, or teachers.
finished donut cards for moms. Pink version and a blue version available

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