Paper Plate Mama Bear Craft

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This Paper Plate Mama bear craft is a simple and sweet craft for kids to make for the special Mama in their life. Grab some paper and paint and get started!

Bear Craft for Kids

Hey there, Mama Bear! Ready to make some magic with your cubs? Mother’s Day is just around the corner and what better way to celebrate being a Mama than carving out a few moments during our day to craft something fun with our kiddos.

This bear craft is perfect for Mother’s day, Valentines day or just because! We added a little girl flare to our classic paper plate bear by painting our plates in some of our favorite colors, added some fancy bows and some long eyelashes. Feel free to make your bear in whatever colors you want – no need to go with the traditional pink and purple if blue and green is more your fancy.

Materials Needed:

  • Paper plate, dessert size
  • Paint, in your desired colors (whatever color you love!)
  • Cardstock, in your desired colors.* (we chose a coordinating color to our paint)
  • Pink Buttons (for those cute cheeks)
  • Black Sharpie (for those face details)
  • Googly eyes (for all that personality)
  • Ribbon, if desired

How To Make a Paper Plate Mama Bear


Step 1: Paint your Plates

Paint your plates in whatever color you prefer. We showed three different colored versions as examples. Let your paint dry.

Step 2: Create Ears

Cut out ear shapes. We made two main ears and two inner ears that were slightly smaller. Cut out a circle shape for the nose.

Step 3: Add Face Elements

Draw a bear nose on your circle piece. Glue onto your dried plate. Add ears, googly eyes, button cheeks and a bow if desired.

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