Paper Roll Penguin

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All you need to make these cute penguins are toilet paper rolls, cardstock, Black Sharpie and some glue! It’s a great winter craft or preschool Letter of the Day activity!

Paper Roll Penguin Craft

Paper Roll Penguin Craft

Don’t throw your toilet paper rolls away! Repurpose them into these cute little penguin friends! With a handful of other basic supplies, you are well on your way to creating a fun winter craft the kids will just love. They are perfect for a cold winter afternoon at home or for a classroom “Letter of the Day” activity. They are a perfect addition to our collection of Paper Plate Winter Animals.

Penguin craft - boy and girl version

Penguin Craft for Kids

This toilet roll penguin is a great craft for even the littlest of crafters. With just a little help from adults, they can make their penguins all their own.

We decided to make both a boy and girl version with only one more additional supply – pink glitter foam. If you don’t have any glitter foam or if don’t want the added expense you can cut out a bow from colored cardstock.

Toilet Paper Roll Penguin How to Video:

When crafting with littles, it is great to not have to pre-plan or make a special trip to a craft store. While we love crafts that require more supplies and a longer craft time, we equally enjoy quick 15-minute power craft sessions that help get some creative juices flowing and hands-on playtime in. This supply list is short and sweet making it a great last minute craft idea:

supplies needed to make penguin roll craft

How to make Toilet Paper Roll Penguin

  1. Cut out a rectangular shaped piece from your black card stock that will fit around your paper roll. You will also need to cut two black flippers from your black paper.
  2. Cut out a white belly and two small eyes from your white card stock.
  3. Cut out a small orange beak from your orange card stock.
  4. Cut out a small bow, if using.
  5. Wrap your rectangular piece of paper around your toilet roll and glue in place. For this first piece I prefer to use hot glue to give the craft a stronger base. Of course only adults should use hot glue.
  6. Glue your remaining pieces to the body of your penguin. Once dry we like to carefully pull the flippers so they don’t lay flat to the body.

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