DIY Princess Crowns

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Make your little princess feel like royalty with these DIY Princess Crowns! These crowns are easy to make and perfect for a princess party. 

Princess Crown Craft

My daughter loves all things princesses. Of course, I have encouraged her love of princesses from day one — partially because I love them too. My sister and I grew up watching classic Disney princess movies, and you never really outgrow those!

Since we’re such big fans of princesses, I wanted to create an easy craft that brings the princess magic home. These DIY princess crowns are just that! It uses a template to make creating the crown shape super simple. After you have your crown cut out, add a few gems for some sparkle and whatever other embellishments you’d like. To find out how to recreate this princess crown craft at home, keep reading for the tutorial!

DIY Princess Crown Supplies

Thanks to the easy, printable template, this princess crown craft is easy enough for anyone to recreate! Here is what you will need:

  • Crown Template — There are two different crown shapes included in the template. Feel free to use just one or both!
  • Colored Printer Paper
  • Gold and Pink Ribbon — You don’t want the ribbon to be too thick. If it is, it won’t thread easily through the holes in the crowns. A half inch ribbon is probably the thickest I would go!
  • Rhinestones and Gemstones — I found my gemstones at Walmart. They came in a bunch of colors and some were long strips. Our gems also had adhesive backings, so we didn’t need to use glue!
  • Colored markers, crayons, or other craft supplies

How to Make a Princess Crown

  1. First, print out the crown template! For the best results, use colored paper when printing out your crowns. We used light yellow, pink, and purple paper.
  2. Next, cut out your crowns. Don’t worry about the lines showing on your final product, since you can use the opposite side for the outside of your crown!
  3. Then, it’s time to decorate! Kids can customize their DIY princess crowns with their choice of crayons, markers, or gems and rhinestones like we did. 
  4. Finally, punch a hole on either side of the crown and insert a long ribbon that can be tied around each princess’s head. We used gold and pink ribbon to coordinate with the colors of the crowns! Tip: It’s better to go longer with the ribbon instead of shorter to make the tying of the bow easier.


Tips for making DIY Princess Crowns

  • Try to find the gems that have adhesive on their backs at your local craft store. I was able to find mine at Walmart. You can always glue gemstones on, but the adhesive kind is less messy and more convenient!
  • If you’re making these crowns with very young kids, you may need to help them cut out their templates. This will help the shape stay neat, and they will still get to have tons of fun decorating them!
  • This princess crown craft is super versatile. If you can’t find the exact colors or paper or ribbon we used, feel free to get creative!

How can you use these princess crowns?

Need some inspiration for these crowns? You never really need a reason to whip up your own DIY princess crowns. But if you’re looking for the perfect moment to break out this craft, this list may inspire you!

Make these princess crowns at…

  • A princess party! 
  • A slumber party with the girls!
  • Dress up & Pretend Play
  • Just for fun!

What else can you decorate a princess crown with?

The great thing about these DIY princess crowns is that the decorating possibilities are endless. If you’ve got a treasure trove of craft supplies at home, feel free to put some more options out on the table. Here are a few more ideas for your princess crown embellishments:

  • Lace
  • Ribbon and bows
  • Glitter and glitter glue
  • Stickers
  • Flower appliques

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