Diy Princess Wands

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These Diy Princess Wands are a great playtime diy for any princess or fairy loving child. Colorful and also easy to personalize makes this a great gift or craft for your little ones fantasy time!

Wooden Princess Wands

Diy Princess Wands

Oh the years that imagination runs high and you are jumping on couch pillows to prevent from falling into lava! When you can be a pirate princess, a cowboy ballerina, a dinosaur hunter who lives in NYC and anything your heart and mind can thing of. And what a great thing to instill in our children…to always dream big!  My daughter LOVES to dress up.  Just the other day she was running around the house with a masquerade mask, a cowboy hat, and she was pretending to be one of the Dino Charge Power Rangers. Can you tell she has older brothers? 🙂  These easy diy princess wands go perfectly with her fantasy time. 🙂

These diy princess wands are great to make in bulk because they require few supplies, or at least the supplies you need can make a bunch…so why not? 🙂  They would make great party favors or crafts for birthday parties or school parties.  You can find all of these supplies at your local craft store and you can most likely even find what you need at your local Walmart if they have a craft section. 

Supplies need for Diy Princess Wands:

  • Wooden stars
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paint
  • 11” lollipop sticks
  • Coordinating ribbon
  • Hot glue
  • Rhinestone stickers,  try to look for the adhesive kinds!  Makes it go much faster and is safer for little fingers 🙂 

princess wand painted stars

You will want to start by painting your wooden stars in the colors you desire.  We chose a light pink, purple and white!  The options are endless!  You can even create wands for the boys in blues, greens, and orange shades.  Once your wooden stars are dry, adhere them to the lollipop stick with a hot glue, parents only should handle the hot glue gun.   For added bling we decided to add a glitter ribbon around the edges of the star and where the lollipop connected to the star.  This step is completely optional we just like how it looked!

Attach coordinating ribbon pieces to the star again, using your hot glue gun.  Our ribbon was about two thirds the length of the lollipop stick.

Princess Wand Craft

Now that your ribbon has been attached, add pretty coordinating rhinestones around the star for extra “bling”!  You could also add a layer of glitter modpodge for added shimmer. 

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