Handprint Panda Craft

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Kids will love using their handprint to make this adorable black and white panda craft! You need minimal supplies and less than 30 minutes to make your own bear friend!

Ready to dive into a world of black and white and create something utterly adorable and memorable? Our Handprint Panda Craft is here to steal the show! This panda craft is a fun way for kids to learn, play, and develop important skills, all while creating a cute little panda friend. So, let’s gather our supplies and get started!


What You’ll Need

  • Card stock, black and white
  • Googly eyes
  • Scissors (adult supervision required)
  • Glue
  • Sharpie Markers or black paint

How To Make a Handprint Panda

  1. Begin with the white cardstock. Help your child press their hand onto the paper, spreading their fingers wide.
  2. Trace around their hand or, if they’re able, let them trace their own hand (hello, fine motor skills!). Then, cut out the handprint. This will serve as the panda’s body and legs. You can also use our free handprint template if your child doesn’t necessarily want to trace their hand but they still want to make the craft.
  3. Color your fingers in with a black sharpie, washable marker or crayon-rounding the edges near the palm. You can also choose to paint the fingers instead. (Once the paint is dry the fingers pay curl a bit so just flatten them down)

4. Cut out two black eye patches and two black ears. Glue in place on panda. Place googly eyes on top of black patches.

5. Using a sharpie, draw a nose and smile. Add pink cheeks with a pink colored pencil or crayon.

Enhancing Fine Motor Skills

This Handprint Panda Craft is also educational. As your child engages in tracing, cutting, and gluing, they are improving their fine motor skills. These activities help in the development of muscle strength, coordination, and precision in the hands and fingers, which are essential for writing, buttoning, and other daily tasks.

Crafty Tips and Thoughts

  • Make sure to supervise the cutting process, especially with younger children.
  • Feel free to customize your panda – it could have a bow, a hat, or even a bamboo stick!
  • Talk about pandas as you craft – where they live, what they eat, and why they are special. It’s a great way to blend crafting with learning.


  • Can I use different materials? Absolutely! Feel free to substitute with what you have at home. Construction paper, felt, or even fabric can work.
  • What age is this craft suitable for? This craft is great for preschoolers and up. Younger children might need more assistance, but it’s a wonderful opportunity for them to practice their skills.
  • How can this craft be further educational? Discuss the importance of wildlife conservation, habitats, and the diet of pandas. It can be a valuable lesson wrapped in a fun activity.

This craft is a wonderful blend of creativity, learning, and fun. Not only does it provide a memorable crafting experience, but it also aids in the developmental growth of your child’s fine motor skills, and you get a cute-as-can-be panda! So next time you’re looking for a crafty adventure, remember that this Handprint Panda is waiting to be brought to life.

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