Handprint Christmas Gnomes for Kids

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These Handprint Christmas Gnomes are a fun and simple Christmas craft for kids of all ages. Use your child’s handprint shape to create this festive cute keepsake. 

Cute gnomes seem to be a part of every seasonal decor. They are around for Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter!  They even pop up for the major holidays – like our cute Easter and Valentine’s Day gnomes.  So for this holiday season we decided to make our own version of a Christmas gnome and we actually made two festive little gnomes — one with a Santa hat and one with an elf hat.  These paper gnomes are easy to make and require basic craft supplies which makes this a perfect under 30 minute craft for kids.  We love easy crafts and we hope you give this one a try!

Supplies Needed:

– Cardstock, white
– Glitter Paper – red, green
– Smal Gold Foam Star
– Medium Pom Pom, in a cream or light brown color
– Cotton Balls

You can use our free handprint template if your young children don’t like their hand being traced 🙂

How to Make Handprint Gnomes:

  1. Start off by tracing your child’s hand on a piece of white paper and cut out your child’s handprints. When cutting, we didn’t cut far into the fingers, so the fingers looked more like a gnome’s beard, 
  2. Make a Santa and Elf hat with your red and green glitter paper. Add a gold foam star to the top of your elf hat. Add a string of cotton from a cotton ball to your red hat. 
  3. Add your festive hats to the top of your gnome’s body and glue in place. 
  4. Add your pom pom nose for the classic gnome look! Pom poms are a little harder to keep in place so I typically use a hot glue gun but only adults should use it. 

Helpful Tips and Fun Ideas:

  • Use card stock or other heavy weight paper for the base of your gnome. Scrapbook paper and construction paper tend to be to light to handle the weight of the glitter paper. 
  • You can use our free handprint template if your young children don’t like their hand being traced 🙂
  • Painted variation: Depending on your child’s age you can try this fun idea: Grab some white washable paint and brush the paint on your child’s hand. Press their hand down on a piece of paper and cut around handprint once dry. Continue with the remaining steps. 
  • This can also be a great way to allow your kids to get creative with their own holiday hats in different colors! Kids often have the best ideas for making creations their own and i’m sure they will make some totally adorable gnomes!  
  • Grab a piece of ribbon or string and attach to the back of your gnome craft for a simple paper Christmas ornament.
  • Grab some popsicle sticks and add it behind your gnomes for a fun puppet that you can add to your bin of simple play ideas and sensory items. 
  • Make these cute gnomes in your classroom and add to your holiday bulletin board.  The kids will have so much fun making them and then seeing them on display!
  • Add a personal touch to gift giving this year and let kids add their gnome handprint craft as a gift tag to packages – I bet Grandmas especially will love this!

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