Egg Carton Bunny

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Egg Carton Bunny: a great Easter craft to do with your kids and their friends. 

Egg Carton Bunny: a great Easter craft to do with your kids and their friends.

This post is brought to you my Plaid. All opinions are mine.

Ever since I was a little girl I have loved to be crafty.  It’s something my Mom and Grandma did together and something they did with me.  I remember many days coloring at my grandmas dining room table or my Mom teaching me some Tole Painting techniques.  Now that I have children of my own, I love being able to make special memories with them while we craft, because isn’t that the best part–making memories and spending quality time with the ones you love? I just love watching my boys being imaginative as they craft their own creations.   

In celebration of Easter soon approaching we decided to create a fun and simple egg carton bunny craft.  We used some of our favorite colors in Plaid’s Apple Barrel® paint.  

Bunny Egg Cup edit

We love Apple Barrel paint because not only is it readily available in most craft stores and Walmart, it’s also water-based and non-toxic which is important when crafting with children. One way I like to help keep paint messes to a minimum is placing the paint in a few layers of cupcake liners.  When the kids are done painting just simply throw the cupcake liners away. This is great when working with a group of children as well as they can each have their own cupcake liner of paint. 

Bunny Egg Cup-12

To create these Egg Carton bunnies you only need a few simple ingredients.


2 Egg Carton pieces per child, trimmed to the same size

Apple Barrel Paint

Paint Brush


Sharpie Marker

Paper, cut into the shape of bunny ears

Craft Glue

Bunny Egg Cup-38-2


Begin by having your children paint the inside and outside of their egg carton pieces in their desired colors. My kids loved this part and had a blast. Allow the egg carton pieces to fully dry. 

Bunny Egg Cup-34-2

Let your kids be creative with their painting.  Allow them to paint the bunnies into multiple colors, in a marbled effect or more. 

Bunny Egg Cup-31-2

Once your egg carton pieces are dry, attach them together by securing them with a piece of tape on the inside of the two egg cartons. Attach two paper ears to the back of the egg carton with either tape or craft glue.  Draw on a bunny face with sharpie markers and lastly fill the egg carton bunnies with some of your favorite Easter candy such as jelly beans!  These little bunnies would make a great Easter school craft or a craft to do with your childrens friends at a Easter Egg Hunt party!  Whether you do these with just your children or a group remember to just have fun and watch their creativity soar. 

Bunny Egg Cup-27-2

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This post is brought to you by Plaid. All opinions are mine. Egg Carton Bunny: a great Easter craft to do with your kids and their friends.

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