Fathers Day Kids Art Candy Pot

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This Fathers Day Kids Art Candy Pot is a special gift for Dad that the kids will love to make!  It’s something Daddy can treasure for years to come!

Fathers Day Candy Pot

Fathers Day Kids Art Candy Pot

Daddy’s, they place such an important role in the family don’t they?  I love that my kids are at the age where they want to make and create something for their Dad.  In the years past I have done the papers where I ask kids questions about their Daddy and I write down their answers but this year we decided to get our hands a little dirty with this fun and simple kids art candy pot that is just perfect for Fathers day! It was a spin off of our Thumbprint Butterfly Flower pots that Moms will love.   I don’t know about you but I don’t think there is much sweeter than a little kids drawing of their family! I love the large bodies, long arms, and the smiles every face must have 🙂

Black FolkArt Paint and Terra Cotta Pots

Kids Art Candy Pot Supplies:

  • Terra cotta pots, we chose the medium size but any size will do 🙂  I find mine at my local Dollar Tree.
  • Black Paint, I prefer FolkArt brands 
  • Sponge Brushes
  • Metallic Bronze Sharpie Marker, you could also use white or silver
  • Candy bags, candy and ribbon

Black Painted Terra Cotta Pots

First you will want to paint your terra cotta pots black.  You can choose any color but we thought the gold metallic markers showed up best on the dark black.  You can either help your kids do this part or let them do it depending on their age.  FolkArt paint is nontoxic but it’s not washable off of clothes so be sure to cover your kids up 🙂 


Kids Artwork on Terra Cotta Pots

Once the paint has dried let your kids draw their family 🙂  We found laying the terra cotta pot on the table and having an adult hold the pot in place while they draw was easiest.  You can also turn the pot if they start running out of space.  If they make a mistake and aren’t happy with it just paint another coat ( you may need two) of black on top and let them try again.  We may have had to do that once or twice. But all in all it’s the imperfections that make this a treasure. 

Candy Filled Bag

We decided to fill our pots with candy but you could also fill it with a plant, work gloves and a gift card, small tools and other things Dads love.  All in all hopefully this makes the Fathers in our lives feel a little more special for the day. 

Fathers Day Candy Pot Filled with Candy

Kids Art Candy Pot


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