Handprint Parrot Craft

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Dive into the joy of jungle crafting with your kids with our Handprint Parrot Craft activity. We use vibrant card stock and their adorable handprints!

handprint parrot craft finished on craft counter

Ahoy, mateys! Ready to set sail into the bright, colorful skies with our Handprint Parrot Craft? This activity is perfect for little artists who love exploring with colors and creating with their hands. It’s a great way to add a touch of creativity to your day, exercise some of those fine motor skills, and learn more about parrots in the process! So, gather your rainbow of card stock and dive into making our feathered colorful friend.

color handprints on parrot body

Materials Needed to make Handprint Parrot Craft

  • Card stock in red, yellow, green, blue, and pink, plus white for the eye
  • Free Parrot Template
  • Black Sharpie (regular size and ultra fine for details)
  • Googly eye (to bring our parrot to life)
  • Glue
  • Scissors
handprint parrot craft supplies on craft counter - paper, scissors, marker and glue

How To Make a Handprint Parrot

Step One: Create the Feathers

  • Start by tracing your child’s hand on the red, yellow, green, and blue cardstock. You’ll need one handprint from each color.
  • Carefully cut out these handprints. These vibrant pieces will serve as the parrot’s colorful feathers.
  • Cut out your remaining template pieces from our FREE PARROT TEMPLATE.
handprints cut from green, yellow, blue and red paper

Step Two: Assemble Your Parrot

  • Arrange the handprints in a fan-like shape, starting with red at the bottom, then add your remaining handprint feathers on top.
  • Once you’re happy with the layout, glue the handprints together. The palms should overlap slightly, with the fingers (feathers) fanning out.
  • Add your white face, yellow beak, and pink cheek to your parrot.
handprints on paper parrot body as feathers

Step Three: Add Final Details

  • Using a sharpie, draw a nose and nostrils onto the parrots beak. Add googly eyes with eyelashes if desired.
finished parrot on counter with supplies nearby

Enhancing Fine Motor Skills

This Handprint Parrot Craft is also adorably educational. As your child engages in tracing, cutting, and gluing, they are improving their fine motor skills. These activities help in the development of muscle strength, coordination, and precision in the hands and fingers, which are essential for writing, buttoning, and other daily tasks.

Crafty Tips and Thoughts

  • Feel free to use this craft as a learning opportunity to talk about parrots, their habitats, and the importance of tropical rainforests.
  • Experiment with different color combinations or add additional decorations like feathers or sequins for extra flair.
  • Display your parrot proudly or make a flock of parrot friends for a full jungle-themed decor.
finished paper parrot handprint craft


  • Can we use construction paper instead of cardstock? Absolutely! Construction paper works just as well, though cardstock tends to hold up a bit better.
  • What age is this craft suitable for? This craft is great for kids as young as 3 (with some help) to about 8 or 9 who can manage more on their own.
  • How can I make this craft educational? Incorporate lessons about colors, bird species, and geography by exploring where in the world parrots are found.

Happy crafting! Let your creativity soar as high as your handprint parrot, and don’t forget to share your colorful creations with friends and family.

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