Paper Plate Jungle Animals

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These Paper Plate Jungle Animals are a fun activity for kids! You only need a few basic craft supplies to make a paper plate lion, zebra and an elephant! 

Paper Plate Jungle Animals Stacked on Top of each other

Paper Plate Jungle Animals

A few times a week my kids are asking to craft something or say “i’m bored!” and it’s time we need to get our hands a little busy.  As all moms of littles one are, i’m busy during the day, so being able to spend quality time with my kids while also not spending hours making a “mess” is a win win for me! 🙂  Paper plate crafts and fun, perfect for little hands and typically require minimal supplies.

Supplies needed to Make Jungle Animals:

  • Paper Plates- you can use dessert or regular size paper plates. Just the cheap flimsy paper plates work great for crafting!
  • Construction Paper- depending on what version you plan to make will depend on the colors you will need! 
  • Paint (Elephant & Lion) – if you plan to make a paper plate pig we found the easier way to give him his pink body was to paint it. 
  • Glue Sticks – no need for hot glue in this project, a glue bottle or glue stick will do the trick!
  • Black Marker – you will want to use either a permanent marker or a black washable marker for little ones to draw on your different elements
  • Googly eyes– we LOVE to add googly eyes to many of our kid projects! You can certainly draw you own if you don’t have any on hand. 
  • White Paint Pen – for zebra smile

How to Make Paper Plate Jungle Animals VIDEO

how to make paper plate elephant


  1. Begin by painting your paper plate blue. 
  2. Using your paper plate as a template cut out two large ears and a trunk. You will also want to cut a piece for the inside of the ears and tip of the trunk. 
  3. Once paper plate is dry glue your ear to the back of the paper plate and the trunk to the top of the paper plate. 
  4. Add googly eyes and face features with your sharpie marker. 

 how to make paper plate lion


  1. Paint your paper plate yellow. 
  2. Cut out brown strips of paper.  I had my strips alternate in shades of brown but one shade is fine. 
  3. When plate is dry, flip over and glue your strips to the back of the plate. Along with two lion ears.  Flip plate back over and trim as necessary. 
  4. Add googly eyes to lion face along with face features with a sharpie marker. 

 how to make paper plate zebra


  1. Cut out ear pieces using white and black paper.  Cut out long triangle shapes from your black paper. 
  2. Glue triangle shapes to zebra face where desired. Trim as necessary.  Glue on ear pieces. 
  3. Add googly eyes and black mouth.  Use a white paint pen to add face features. 

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Paper Plate Jungle animals Flay Lay


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