Printable Countdown Till Christmas Calendar

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Printable Countdown Till Christmas Calendar: a simple and fun way to look forward to Christmas. This is a no fuss printable advent calendar you can use year after year.  Add some candy to make each day a little sweet. 

Advent Christmas Calendar

I loved Christmas growing up and I love Christmas as a parent even more now.   It’s so fun to see our kids get excited for all that the holiday has to offer. The holiday is a busy time of the year with lots of activities but a countdown till Christmas is always a fun option! 

This printable calendar is a no-fuss alternative to our popular Advent Calendar Printable Ornaments. While I personally love planning fun activities to do during the holiday season sometimes life just gets in the way or our schedules don’t allow it.  This printable is a fun way to count down the days before Christmas without planning daily activities.  


Three Ways to use this Countdown Printable: 

  • Print and Go: this is the easiest option, just print the free printable and place on the refrigerator or another spot you will check daily. Mark off each day as you go!  You are counting how many DAYS are left until Christmas so start at the top and work your way down 🙂  OF course if you would rather count what day of the month you are on you can start from the bottom and work your way up. 
  • Print and Go and Save for another Year: have young kids that will enjoy this for years to come?  Print this Christmas Calendar and place in a favorite frame.  Mark each each day off with a dry erase marker.  Once Christmas is over wipe clear and store with your other holiday decorations until next year. 
  • Add a little Sweetness to your day: a fun option with a little sweet treat would be to gather some festive colored Hershey Kisses and tape them to each day.  Starting from the top and working your way down grab a piece of candy each day to countdown to the big day!

No matter which way you decided to use your Calendar it will be a fun addition to your Christmas season.


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