Ladybug Craft

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This easy peasy Ladybug Craft is a wonderful craft to do at home on a rainy day or in the classroom while learning about the life cycles. Check out how simple it is to create.



Grab Your Supplies for Your Ladybug Craft

All of these supplies can be found at the craft store, Dollar Tree, or local supercenter.

  • Cardstock Paper in red and black
  • paint in red and black
  • Black pom poms (medium-sized)
  • googly eyes
  • White colored pencil
  • Black Pipe Cleaners
  • Glue stick or liquid glue

The pom-poms and black paint can be used interchangeably to make the ladybug’s spots. Use the paint to make fingerprints and a personalized keepsake from your kids. Use the pom-poms for less of a mess and just as much fun. The liquid glue will work best when using pom-poms and the glue stick will work well on paper.

supplies for ladybug craft on counter

Make Your DIY Ladybug Craft

This adorable ladybug craft is simple to make and can be crafted with fingerprints or pom poms. The supplies listed above are just to give you different options. They are the perfect way to make the craft your own.

  1. Using this ladybug template, cut out a body and head to start your craft.
  2. Dip your child’s fingertip in black paint and make black spots on the ladybug’s body.
  3. Make the head of the ladybug. Add two googly eyes and draw on an adorable smile using the white colored pencil.
  4. Add two red cheeks by dipping the bottom of the paintbrush in red paint.
  5. Attach the head to the body using glue or tape on the back of the paper.
  6. Add black legs using small construction paper rectangles.
  7. Place pipe cleaners on its head to represent the ladybug antennae.
finished ladybug craft on counter - pom poms and fingerprints

Instead of using fingerprints to make the ladybug black dots, use black pom poms. Glue some pom poms to the ladybug’s back to give it a 3D look. This variation just won’t be as personalized, but it will be just as cute. Either version is a fun craft to let preschool or elementary-aged kids do independently with little hands.

Another option for making the paper ladybugs dots is to draw a black circle that your preschooler can color in for each of the dots. Use this as fine motor activity and teach them to color in the lines.

Let the kids use their own creative ideas to personalize the ladybugs. They may add goofy faces, a certain number of dots, or squiggly antennae. The best thing about crafting is there isn’t an exact science. It’s fun to think outside the box.

black pom poms on ladybug

Making the Ladybug’s Wings is Optional

If you are teaching kids about the parts of a ladybug and want to include the ladybug wings, use some black construction paper to make them. Glue them behind the ladybug’s body so it looks like they are popping out from behind.

When to Use This Ladybug Project

This simple craft is a great addition to your lessons about the life cycle of a ladybug in the classroom. Whether you homeschool your kids or teach in a classroom with 20+ kids, it’s a great way to wrap up a unit. Kids of all ages will love making their own sweet ladybug.

You don’t have to be a school teacher to do this activity with your kids. Use it in the spring at home or during the summer months. I keep crafts like this on hand for rainy days when we have nothing better to do or a crafty morning. While we might turn on the t.v. for a little bit to stay occupied, we love doing fun crafts even more!

Sometimes we attach our smaller crafts to a larger sheet of paper to make a background or to a thin strip of paper to make a paper hat. These ladybugs would make adorable paper hats the kids can wear and show off.

finished ladybug craft on counter

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