Easy 3D Heart Craft

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This simple hands-on craft is a great last-minute Valentine’s Day craft for kids. This 3D heart project is also great to celebrate Mother’s day, birthdays, and more!


Looking for a last-minute 3D Valentine’s Day Heart Craft to use with your kids? This simple, hands-on craft is easy to prep and fun to put together. It’s a fantastic activity to get those little fingers working and provide some fun for kids of all ages in February! Complete the craft while munching on some candy hearts and it will be a day your kids won’t forget. Free Template Included!


February is such a fun time filled with sweet treats and tons of love. We love creating all sorts of fun crafts while we wait for Valentine’s Day. This paper heart craft is always a hit because it’s simple and brings a smile to everyone’s face when they open the card. It’s a great way to practice fine motor skills while having fun. The younger kids think it’s magical that they created something that pops out! The older children like to give these to classmates.

How to Video:

supplies needed to make 3D Heart

How to make 3D Valentine’s Day Heart

  1. Start by drawing one half of a large heart shape and one half of a small heart shape! on the piece of white paper. Cut out each shape and set them aside. You now have a hassle-free heart template OR use our free template!
  2. Fold a piece of colored paper in half as if you are making a card!
  3. Place the large half heart shape on the center fold of the paper and trace around it with your marker or pencil. I like to use a different color than what I use for the small hearts
  4. ut along the line you just created. You should be able to open the colored piece up and see a full heart now!
  5. Using another color of construction paper, trace the smaller half of a heart and cut it out. This should create another full heart once you unfold it. Repeat this until you have five small hearts!
  6. Glue one-half of a small heart to the corresponding side of the larger heart. Then, glue the other side to another small heart. Attach all of the small hearts to create a little fan in the center of the larger heart.
  7. Finish the 3D Valentine’s Day Heart Craft by adding a sweet message to the inside and give to your loved ones! This paper heart craft is so easy to create that kids will want to make one for everyone they know.

process to make 3D Heart

Not only is this easy valentine’s day craft perfect for February, but for any time of year. Use it to celebrate mother’s day, birthdays, and more! Hole punch the top of the heart craft and add some looped string to create fun Valentine’s Day decor. The possibilities are endless!

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