Heart-Shaped Brownies

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Turn a delicious homemade or store-bought brownie mix into bite-sized heart shapes perfect for the Valentine’s Day holiday!

Heart Shaped Brownies on white serving plate

Mini Heart Shaped Brownies

They say most things are cuter when they are mini right? Well, these mini bites of brownies are not only delicious but a fun and sweet way to serve a treat for Valentine’s Day. Whether you make these for a classroom party, an office treat, or just at home to enjoy with your kids, they are a simple “pop-in-your-mouth” snack your little Valentine’s will love.

brownies cut into a heart shape with melted candy melts


supplies needed to make heart shaped brownies


  1. Prepare your brownie mix according to the box. Bake in a 9×13 inch baking pan. Allow to cool completely.
  2. Using a small heart cookie cutter, cut shapes out of brownies.
  3. Melt candy melts in a small bowl until fully melted.
  4. Using a fork, drizzle melted chocolate ontop of brownie bites. We decided to just do half of our heart.
  5. While the chocolate is still warm, sprinkle heart sprinkles on top. Allow to set.
collage of heart brownies

Where can I find Valentine’s Day Sprinkles?

Sprinkles are easy to find in craft stores, grocery stores and Amazon. Many times I can find speciality sprinkles in the holiday aisle at Walmart. If you can’t find Valentine’s Day sprinkles you can just use some white nonparelis. You can also opt out of using sprinkles if you don’t like them.

Can you add food coloring to white chocolate melts?

If you can’t find pink candy melts you can also use red or purple. While it is possible to color white candy melts you will need to be sure to buy OIL-Based food coloring. Wilton makes food coloring that is Candy Coloring specific. If you were to use regular water based food coloring, your chocolate will seize up and be impossible to work with.

heart shaped brownie on white serving plate

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