Easter Gnome Craft

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This Easter Gnome Craft is a fun Easter and spring-themed activity the kids will love to put together!

three finished handprint gnomes on counter with additional spring pieces

Let’s make a handprint Easter gnome craft! While it probably sounds random, gnomes are really, really adorable! Kids really love the mythical aspect of these fun creatures. The crafts involve some fine motor skills, lots of fun paper, and a whole lot of smiles! You will love these Easter gnomes.

handprint Easter gnome in individual colllage

DIY Handprint Gnome HOW-TO VIDEO:

Supplies Needed to Make the DIY Gnome Craft

You probably have most of these supplies lying around, so collecting the rest will be a piece of cake. Everything can be found at your local superstore or craft store.

supplies needed for handprint gnome on table top

Putting the Easter Gnome Craft Together

Making these gnome crafts is incredibly simple. The steps are easy for small fingers. If you cut everything out ahead of time, the kids can complete the rest all on their own. Have an older child help with the cutting, too.

  1. Trace your child’s hand on one piece of white cardstock. Then, cut it out.
  2. Using the scrapbooking paper, cut out a triangle large enough to be the gnome hat. Glue the hat to the palm area of the handprint so the fingers face down. The child’s fingers are meant to be the gnome beard and the palm is the gnome body.
  3. Add a pom pom in any color you would like for the gnome nose.
  4. Cut out a spring shape to glue to the gnome body. We cut out bunnies, carrots, and Easter eggs to decorate our own gnomes.
  • If you want to make your keepsakes last longer, use a laminator to protect the paper for years to come.
  • Want to make your adorable gnomes a little more special? Paint your child’s hand and press it onto construction paper. Then, add the scrapbook paper hat, pom pom nose, and spring shape. Seeing their little fingers in the paint makes an even better keepsake.

Where Can I Find Scrapbooking Paper?

Scrapbooking paper is everywhere! Find some really cool prints on Amazon or at your local craft store or superstore. We just walk up and down the aisle of colorful paper and choose some of our favorites. For spring, we looked for pastel colors and Easter prints. Many of the craft stores have constant sales on bulk paper that you can take advantage of. Even the Dollar Tree carries some fun paper during certain times of the year.

What Can I Use the Cute Gnome For?

Gnome crafts are not super common, but that’s what makes them fun! We’ve all done chick crafts, and Easter egg crafts, but how often do you get to do a gnome craft? They’re the perfect craft for celebrating spring, Easter, and just for fun! Crafts are a fantastic addition to any activity or lesson whether at home or school. You most likely have the kids’ craft supplies in your possession to make these little gnomes.

Looking For More Fun Handprint Crafts for Your Kids?

Try these fun handprint activities that kids will love. All of them can be completed by tracing your child’s hand onto paper or using a painted handprint. Check them out and make more fun memories and keepsakes.

Happy Crafting!

handprint Easter gnome on kitchen counter

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