Painted Rocks Photo Holder

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Painted Rocks Photo Holder a fun and simple kids craft idea to keep them busy this summer! Painted rocks make for a trendy way to show of your favorite photo memories. 

Paint Rocks Photo Holder DIY

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Painted Rocks Photo Holder

I love summertime!  Having all three of my kids at home everyday is so fun! I love listening to them giggle throughout the day as they play, create and sometimes watch a movie together.  As much as I love having my kids home, let’s be real…it’s equally as exhausting!  One way to keep the kids busy this summer are these painted rocks photo holder.  Recently my second son has been big into collecting rocks.  He loves to play with tractors and run around in the dirt so I think it just comes with the territory of his personality. 🙂  We decided to put all those treasured rocks to use and these photo holders were the perfect fit. 


Painted Rocks

Painted Rock Photo Holder Supplies:

  • Paint, I used Apple Barrel Multi-Surface Paint
  • Craft Wire, I used 18 gage wire.  You want it to be thick enough that one it’s wrapped around the rock it will stay in place and hold the photo.
  • Brushes, I love using foam brushes for kids.
  • Mod Podge, I used Gloss but any sheen would work!

Paint and Rocks

We dug through my sons rock collection and picked out the smoothest rocks we could find.  Some were flat while others were round.  Any shape or size will work fine. We painted all our rocks one coat at a time. Some colors may require more than one coat. It will depend on how covered you want your rocks.  I let my kids do the painting so they aren’t perfect but that just the way I love them! Detailed painted designs on Rocks

Once the main color is dry we decided to add some fun designs to our rocks.  You can do polka dots, stripes, small ‘x’s”, color block, or any designs you love! 

Once the final design is painted on and it’s dry add a layer of Mod Podge to your rocks. I used gloss which added an extra shine to the rocks but it also protects the rocks from scrapes while adding the wire. Wrapped Wire

One one end of your wire you will want to wrap it around a small pencil two times.  This will create a double loop.  You want the two loops close together. This is where you will slide your picture in.  Parents be sure to tightly wrap the sharp end in with the loop or use a small sanding block to smooth the cut end. Painted Rock Photo Holders

Lastly you will want to wrap the wire around your individual rocks a few times to keep the center piece in place. 

Add your treasured photo memories and enjoy this bright and color kids craft!

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