Dino Suncatchers

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These Dino Suncatchers are a fantastic way to decorate your windows and home any time of year

dinosaur suncatchers- dino foot, trex and stegosaurus

Do you have kids that LOVE dinosaurs? Dinosaurs are such fun creatures for both boys and girls to be obsessed with. I find it so funny to hear tiny humans trying to pronounce such big names. These Dino Suncatchers are a fantastic way to decorate your windows and home any time of year. Each child can make their own dinosaur suncatcher using just a few simple materials. Hang them in the window and watch the pretty colors reflect off them in the sunlight.

dinosaur suncatchers on window

The Dinosaur Sun Catchers are a great kids’ craft for a homeschool activity, classroom experience, a dinosaur party, or just a fun craft. Attach them to a string and suction cup and you have some fun window decor.


What You Will Need to Make Your Dino Suncatchers

Find all of these materials at your craft store. I have bought my tissue paper in a variety of different colors as well. Some are even pre-cut into squares! You can find both of these versions by following the links to Amazon.

  • Tissue paper in any color you’d like, cut into small squares. I used purple, orange, and green tissue paper.
  • Contact paper or laminating paper
  • Black Cardstock
  • Dinosaur Template
  • Optional: string and suction cups

If you don’t want to use my templates, you can always draw your own OR trace dinosaur shaped cookie cutters if you want some on hand

Either tape the finished suncatches to the windows or hole punch and add string so you can hang them using suction cups. Sometimes we leave suction cups on the windows so the kids can hang any of their craft there.

dinosaur supplies - templates, colored card stock, contact paper

Assembling Your Colorful Dino Suncatchers

Follow these easy steps to make your own sun catchers. Kids of all ages are able to do this simple craft.

  1. First, cut out the dinosaur frame with your black construction paper. To do this, you’ll want to trace your dinosaur template on a piece of black paper. Then, fold it in half and draw a line about an inch outside of where you traced the template. Finally, cut along both lines with the piece of paper folded in half, unfold, and you have your dinosaur frame!
  2. Next, lay your frame on a piece of contact paper or laminating sheet, sticky side up. Then, place your colorful squares of tissue paper inside the frame. Be sure to cover all of the sticky areas!
  3. When fully covered, place another piece of contact paper on top. Press down until nice and flat, being sure to smooth out any air bubbles that get caught under the contact paper. 
  4. Lastly, turn the project around and cut around the dinosaurs, leaving about a ¼ inch of the contact paper around the dinosaur to be sure it stays together. To hang it up, use a small piece of double-sided tape on the frame area to cling to a window!

The kids will love how cool they look hanging up on the windows. They are perfect if you have a dinosaur-themed room or a kid who is dino-obsessed. Use the templates I have and make your own if you are able! We like to make them in a variety of colors so when the sun hits them, we get all sorts of colors on the wall.

Tips for Making Dinosaur Suncatchers with Small Kids

You can either cut the colorful tissue paper into squares or let the kids cut them out themselves. If you’re making these suncatchers with a little one who can’t handle scissors quite yet but wants to make their own, they can tear their tissue paper into pieces instead! 

Making the frames can get a bit tricky for younger kids, especially if they accidentally cut through their frame. If you’d prefer, you can make the frames ahead of time and let them do all the rest. The colorful squares are where the fun is at, anyways!

Hang these dino suncatchers on a window that gets a lot of light for the best effect. Although they still look great while the sun isn’t shining through, they look even more amazing when the light hits them!

The kids are guaranteed to love these dino crafts!

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