Hot Chocolate Ornament with Free Printable

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These Hot Chocolate Ornaments are such a fun and simple gift. Make sure you print out the free gift tag!

Hot Chocolate Ornament printable at

I love homemade gifts during the holidays. I also love curling up with a good book and a hot cup of cocoa. These hot chocolate ornaments combine those two loves to make a fun and simple gift for family members, neighbor gifts and teachers gifts.  


Hot chocolate mix, store bought or homemade

Large ornament

Gift Tag

Mini Marshmallows


Hot Chocolate Ornament-4

I joined forces with my friend Kim from 733 Blog and had her make this adorable gift tag that you can print off for free! You could use these gift tags with a fun coffee gift as well. 

Hot Chocolate Ornament-7


Remove ornament lid and lightly spoon in hot chocolate mix. You can also use a funnel for easier pouring.  I didn’t follow any exact measurements. I just added enough hot chocolate mix to nicely fill the ornament.  Top with sprinkles and again with mini marshmallows.  Replace the lid and add your gift tag. 

Hot Chocolate Ornament-9

Enjoy and stay warm friends!Hot Chocolate Ornament-11

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